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Upcoming Classes and Group Sessions
Empower Your Journey
*All classes and events have been moved Online   
All classes have been moved to an online format and for the current time will NOT be taught live in-person or live online.
Approximately each quarter a new class will be uploaded to the the Online School, and the Energy Bites, Meditations, Sound Bath Bites, and Online Programs for each topic will be uploaded to the Vitality Practice Portal

Upcoming Class Topics (subject to change)

  • Universal Law - Let the Energy of the Universe work for you

  • The Law of Abundance - Let it flow!

  • The Law of Karma (Balance) - Energy must always balance

  • Ho'oponopono - Clear your Slate

  • The Law of Energy Conservation

  • Crystals & Grids - You are a living crystal

  • Acupressure Power Points - Press the right buttons

  • Life Path

  • Energetic Gifts

  • Levels of Enlightenment

  • The Way of Water

  • 5 Element Flow

  • 5 Element Balance

  • Sound healing (singing bowls/tuning forks/voice)

  • Reflexology

Previous Topics
(Full classes available at the Online School, energy bites available in the Vitality Practice Portal)
  • Grounding - You can only reach as high as your roots go deep​​

  • Yin/Yang Balance and The Law of Opposites - In the balance of Yin & Yang is peace

  • Meridian Clearing - Clean your energetic life blood and let it flow!

  • Extraordinary Meridians/Radiant Circuits - Let Joy In!

  • Sensory Types & Love Languages - Feel real love

  • Chakra Foundations - Weave Your Journey

Energy Education Classes 
Upcoming Class
  • Universal Energetic Laws - Learn how the Universe works, so the Universe can work for YOU

    • All energy obeys the laws that govern it.  Learn to work with the the energy of the Universe by beginning to understand the laws that govern that energy.

Previous Classes that are now or will soon be available at the Online School and in the Vitality Practice Portal:

  • Chakras - Weave Your Tapestry

    • Our chakra system does many things, but one of its major jobs is to process emotional events to glean the wisdom and knowledge gained from the event and let the emotion pass through.  Each of the 7 major body chakras process different types of emotions.  Come learn about the beautiful and profound jo​b each chakra does for us and how they evolve as we age.

    • View this class in the Vitality Practice Portal 

  • Sensory Types & Love Languages - Feel real love

    • You may have heard about the famous Dr. Chapman and his books on Love Languages that explain how each of us have a primary love language in which we receive love the strongest.  It is so important to know our own love language and that of our loved ones so that we may each feel the love we are trying so hard to give and receive!  However, what is not widely known is that our love language is directly tied to our primary energetic sensory type.  I have found that most people are actually incorrect about their primary love language and that once they are helped to understand what it really is, they finally feel truly loved and their loved ones feel less frustrated with trying to show them love.  Come learn about sensory types and figure out your true love language.

    • View this class in the Vitality Practice Portal

  • Grounding - You can only reach as high as your roots go deep

    • Most of us want to build up our energy, reach high, and open our gifts as quickly as possible, but we forget that a tree's roots must go down deeper than its branches go up or it will fall over.  Come learn about grounding, its importance and how to sink your energetic roots deep into the earth for support, stability and nourishment.

  • Yin/Yang Balance and the Law of Opposites- In the balance of Yin & Yang is peace

    • Human beings tend to go to extremes and that's ok because it is how we often learn​, but it is crucial to know that in the end balance is what we need to find.  All forces in the universe have an equal and opposite opposing force to ensure that balance can be achieved.  Come learn more about the fundamental natures of yin and yang forces and how to more quickly achieve greater balance and peace.

  • Meridian Clearing - Clean your energetic life blood and let it flow!

    • The meridian channel system in your body is like the circulatory system for your energy and just like your physical circulatory system your energetic blood can get dirty, clogged and blocked.  Come learn how this system works and simple techniques to support it.​

    • Coming soon to the Online School

  • Extraordinary Meridians/Radiant Circuits - Let Joy In!

    • Your primary meridian system has set pathways that it flows through, but your extraordinary meridians (aka strange flows, radiant circuits)​ sit outside this system and are able to jump their energy to wherever is needed supporting all the other energy systems in the body.  They are strongly connected to feelings of joy (joy turns them on and turning them on causes feelings of joy).  They are the first energy system to develop in an embryo and are directly tied into our energetic blueprint and ancestral inheritance.  Come learn about this amazing energy system and how you can keep it strong.

    • Coming soon to the Online School

Qigong Movement & Meditation 
  • Available in the Vitality Practice Portal 

  • Qigong routines and meditations designed to support the specific energetic focuses 

  • Routines are explained, demonstrated, and set to music for easier practice

These routines and meditations are beneficial for all skill levels, from those brand new to energy work/Qigong to those with experience.  It blends ancient Qigong movements and modern energy medicine movements with supportive music for a gentle exercise for your body, mind, and soul. 


The peaceful and empowering meditations include Tibetan Singing Bowls to help your energy reset and entrain the new energy patterns supported during the class. 

*Learn more about Qigong and about Eden Energy Medicine

Sound Healing Experiences 

Sound baths are an amazing meditative experience. Deeply relax while sound waves wash over you, calming your mind and resetting your nervous system​. The sound bath will feature Tibetan Singing Bowls, Native American flutes, Nepalese drums, tingshas, and more.... These powerful traditional healing instruments have the ability to effect the energy systems of the body, clearing and resetting them. The end result is a more peaceful, healthier, balanced you.

Sound Bath
Workshops, In-depth Classes and Certification Courses 
  • Currently being developed for the Online School

Upcoming Online 

  • Usui Holy Fire Reiki - Levels 1&2 Certification

  • Bach Flower Fundamentals

  • Chakra Fundamentals & Techniques

  • Meridians & Acupressure Fundamentals & Techniques

  • Universal Law Fundamentals & Techniques

  • Qigong Vitality Practices

  • 5 Element Energy Experience

  • Crystals & Grids Fundamentals & Techniques

  • Ho'oponopono Training

Usui Holy Fire III Reiki - Level 1 and Level 2 Certifications & Audit

Usui Holy Fire Reiki Level 1&2 Certification
Angela is a Usui Holy Fire III Reiki Master and a Karuna Holy Fire III Reiki Master certified to teach in person and online. 

There are many styles of Reiki, but Usui Holy Fire is particularly powerful because of it's breadth and depth, and because Attunements/Placements are made directly by the student to the divine with guidance from the teacher (just as Usui Sensei himself originally received it), rather than through the teacher as in other styles of Reiki.  This is one of the few styles of Reiki that can be taught at a distance because of the way the Attunements/Placements are done and it is just as powerful as in person. Usui Holy Fire Reiki has also brought back to us powerful techniques from Japan that were lost when Reiki originally came to the west.

Reiki is a Japanese word that roughly translates as "Universal Life-force Energy".  The prerecorded sections of the certification class will cover the history of Reiki, the nature of Reiki energy, and how Universal Life-force Energy can be used to help people heal. You will learn about auras and chakras, hand placement for treatments, meditation and Byosen Scanning. 

The Holy Fire energy, connected through the Attunement/Placement, is a stronger more refined energy than what was given in the original Attunements that are for the most part still given today.  Usui said that as we as a people became more advanced and able to handle more energy that it would be given to us from the divine at the right time.  This has happened with the more pure Holy Fire energy in Holy Fire Reiki.  For this reason those who have already taken classes in other styles of Reiki may wish to take them again in this style to gain access to the more refined energy and the advanced Usui techniques that have been recovered from those few in Japan still teaching in the original Usui lineage.

FREE Reiki mini-class!

To learn more about Reiki in a free online mini class  click here

Bach Flower Fundamentals

Bach Flowers are like herbs for your emotions.  They are a natural system of stress management and I like to call them "liquid peace".  They are easy to take (even for kids) and oh so gently powerful!

Bach Flowers help you take the stress out of life's emotional up's and downs and keep you more balanced.  Stress seriously effects your immune system and leaves you more vulnerable to illness.  Using your own personalized blend of Bach Flower Remedies will help keep you out of stress and feeling more at peace, able to enjoy life no matter what is going on around you.  Keeping you out of fight or flight also lets your immune system function at full capacity and that keeps you healthier!

I am a certified Bach Flower Practitioner with the Bach Center in England.  I have used the energetic virtues of these beautiful flowers to help many people, including myself, to greater emotional balance and health.  When people ask where to start with all the many modalities I offer, I always say "Bach Flowers!"  

In this class I will introduce Dr. Bach, his work, and go over the individual 38 flower remedies so you can begin to use them for yourself. 

*To learn more about Bach Flower Remedies click here

*To take a free online mini class on Bach Flower Remedies click here

Chakra Fundamentals & Techniques

This class will go into the amazing chakra system, look at each of the 7 major body chakras in depth, and learn techniques for clearing and supporting them to help keep you physically and emotionally balanced.  Techniques will include sound, color, crystals, singing bowls, muscle testing, acupressure, energy medicine movements, and pendulums.

*To learn more about Chakras click here

Meridians & Acupressure Fundamentals & Techniques

In this class you will learn about the meridian energy system used in acupuncture and acupressure, where the meridians run, what they effect, how they can get disrupted and what can happen when they do.  You will also be taught how to use some of the most powerful acupressure points that can help with overall vitality and everyday issues such as headaches, anxiety, colds etc...

*To learn more about Acupressure and Meridians click here

Universal Law Fundamentals & Techniques

Universal law is inescapable, but that is not a bad thing.  Learning to work within the framework that governs and gives structure to the universe allows us to bring an abundance of all good things into our lives.  Come learn about many of the fundamental energetic laws that govern the energy of the universe and begin to allow abundance to flow!

Qigong Vitality Practices


"Qigong" translated from Chinese means "energy work" or "energy practice" and many of the practices found in qigong are thousands of years old.  This class will introduce several qigong techniques known to improve vitality and overall balance.


Angela holds a Masters certification in Medical Qigong, is currently in the Doctorate of Medical Qigong program, and has been a practitioner for many years.

*To learn more about Qigong click here

5 Element Energy Experience

In order to truly understand these 5 primary archetypal energies you must experience them.  And since everyone is naturally weak in one or more of these energies it can be hard to experience them all in everyday life.  This 3 hour workshop has been designed to give everyone a real experience with the essence of each energy so that understanding and balance become achievable. 

Understanding 5 Element Theory can change your life and help you heal.  It is the true foundation of all Chinese healing arts.  It is simple in application, but broad in scope.  It has the ability to help people heal emotionally, physically, spiritually, save relationships, and even save lives! 

*To learn more about Chinese 5 Element Theory click here

*To take a free online mini class on Chinese 5 Element Theory click here

Crystals & Grids Fundamentals & Techniques

Do you love crystals and stones, but are not quite sure how to use them?  Come lean the basics of how to use crystals singly or in a crystal grid.  The earth is like a giant crystal, water is a liquid crystal, our bodies are made up of various types of crystals including bones, fascia, and fluids.  Crystals and crystal grids are powerful tools that resonate directly with us and that we can use to help us.

*To learn more about Crystals & Stones click here

Tibetan Singing Bowls Fundamentals & Techniques

Come hear and learn about the mysterious Tibetan Singing Bowls, their rich history, their healing power, and how to use them from a certified Tibetan Singing Bowl Practitioner who trained with a Master Teacher from Nepal.

*To learn more about Tibetan Singing Bowls click here

Herbs for Common Ailments

Learn how to use proven herbal remedies for everyday issues from infections, to colds/flues, to digestive issues, to hormonal issues, to constipation.  This class with be taught by Angela, who is a master herbalist student.

*To learn more about Herbs click here

Intro to Foot Zone Reflexology

Did you know you can stimulate and massage the entire human body through the feet?  That is exactly what the ancient healing art of reflexology does.  It utilizes the fact that everything in the body is connected in order to stimulate muscles, fascia, nerves, bones, and internal organs back to the healthy blueprint they were meant to be.  Come learn what it's all about and some simple techniques you can do on yourself for greater health.

*To learn more about Foot Zone Reflexology click here

Physics of Energy Medicine

Class Description:

Have you ever wondered what Physics has to say about the world of Energy Medicine?  Come learn from Physicist and Holistic Health Practitioner, Angela Mains, about the exciting realm where Physics and Energy Medicine meet.  Learn how modern physics gives validity to Energy Medicine and how Everything is Energy!

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