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    Physics of Energy Medicine


    Date: June 22nd 4pm

    Where:  National Energy Healing Conference in Salt Lake City

    Class Description:

    Have you ever wondered what Physics has to say about the world of Energy Medicine?  Come learn from Physicist and Holistic Health Practitioner, Angela Mains, about the exciting realm where Physics and Energy Medicine meet.  Learn how modern physics gives validity to Energy Medicine and how Everything is Energy!

    Herbal & Flower Remedies - Free


    Date: TDB

    Come learn more about herbs and Bach Flower Remedies

    -more info on Herbs & Supplements

    -more info on Bach Flower Remedies

    Class Description:

    The natural world is full of the most amazing medicines!  Join Angela Mains, Holistic Health Practitioner and owner of Inner Balance Healing Arts, to learn more about how to use herbs and flower remedies for better health.  Angela is a master herbalist student and Bach Flower Remedies practitioner.  For more information visit InnerBalanceHealingArts.com.

    Download the extended handout from the class.