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    Intro to Bach Flower Remedies

    March 21st (and for 30 days after)

    Bach Flowers are like herbs for your emotions.  They are a natural system of stress management and I like to call them "liquid peace".  They are easy to take (even for kids) and oh so gently powerful!


    Bach Flowers help you take the stress out of life's emotional up's and downs and keep you more balanced.  Stress seriously effects your immune system and leaves you more vulnerable to illness.  Using your own personalized blend of Bach Flower Remedies will help keep you out of stress and feeling more at peace, able to enjoy life no matter what is going on around you.  Keeping you out of fight or flight also lets your immune system function at full capacity and that keeps you healthier!


    I am a certified Bach Flower Practitioner with the Bach Center in England.  I have used the energetic virtues of these beautiful flowers to help many people, including myself, to greater emotional balance and health.  When people ask where to start with all the many modalities I offer, I always say "Bach Flowers!"  


    In this class I will introduce Dr. Bach, his work, and go over the individual 38 flower remedies. 


    I am also in the process of becoming certified as a Level 1 Bach Flower Remedies teacher.  This free class is an excellent way to see if you are interested in taking more in depth classes.

    *Discounts on Bach Flower Sessions will be given to class participants

    *To learn more about Bach Flower Remedies click here

    Sound Bath with Tibetan Singing Bowls (and other native instruments)

    March 27th

    Sound baths are an amazing meditative experience.  Deeply relax while sound waves wash over you, calming your mind and resetting your nervous system​.  The sound bath will feature Tibetan Singing Bowls, Native American flutes, Nepalese drums, tingshas, and more....  These powerful traditional healing instruments have the ability to effect the energy systems of the body, clearing and resetting them.  The end result is a more peaceful, healthier, balanced you.

    This event is completely donation based.  Come enjoy and leave a little donation to help cover the cost of the space.

    *Discounts on Tibetan Signing Bowl sessions will be given to class participants

    *To learn more about Tibetan Singing Bowls click here

    5 Element Theory of Chinese Medicine Workshop

    April 18th

    This will be a 3 hour workshop style class where we will really begin to get into the depth of Chinese 5 Element Theory as it pertains to personality and health.  We will have time to explore the scope of what each of the elements governs (personality traits, organs systems, meridians & acupressure points, etc...) and by the end you will have a really good idea about what the 5 elements are, which of these energetic rhythms most effect your life, and how they effect you emotionally, physically and in your relationships.  You will also be taught tools to help you stay balanced.  

    Understanding Five Element Theory can change your life and help you heal.  It is the true foundation of all Chinese healing arts.  It is simple in application, but broad in scope.  It has the ability to help people heal emotionally, physically, spiritually, save relationships, and even save lives! 

    *Discounts on 5 Element Sessions will be given to workshop participants

    *To learn more about Chinese 5 Element Theory click here

    Crystals and Grids

    April 28th

    Do you love crystals and stones, but are not quite sure how to use them?  Come lean the basics of how to use crystals singly or in a crystal grid.  These beautiful crystals are powerful tools we can use to help us!

    *Discounts on Crystal Sessions will be given to class participants

    *To learn more about Crystals & Stones click here

    Chakra Workshop

    May 2nd

    During this 3 hour workshop we will go into the amazing chakra system, look at each of the 7 major body chakras in depth, and learn techniques for clearing and supporting them to help keep you physically and emotionally balanced.  Techniques will include sound, color, crystals, singing bowls, muscle testing, acupressure, energy medicine movements, and pendulums.

    *Discounts on Chakra Sessions will be given to workshop participants

    *To learn more about Chakras click here

    Acupressure and Meridian Workshop

    June 6th

    At this 3 hour workshop you will learn about the meridian energy system used in acupuncture and acupressure, where the meridians run, what they effect, how they can get disrupted and what can happen when they do.  You will also be taught how to use some of the most powerful acupressure points that can help with everyday issues such as headaches, anxiety, colds, and constipation.

    *Discounts on Acupressure sessions will be given to class participants

    *To learn more about Acupressure and Meridians click here

    Intro to Medical Qigong

    June 9th

    • Location TBA

    • Time: TBA

    • Free (donations accepted to help cover costs)

    Medical Qigong is the foundation of all Chinese Medicine and is thousands of years old.  It is the foundation for Acupressure/Acupuncture and what is now called "Traditional Chinese Medicine" or TCM.  The practices of Medical Qigong were almost lost when communism took over China, but this detailed and ancient healing modality was preserved and sent outside China and is growing quickly as knowledge of it spreads.

    Come learn what it is with Angela, a Certified Medical Qigong Practitioner, how it can help you, what a Medical Qigong session is like, how to learn more if you are interested, and some basic Qigong moves that can help your energy systems in daily life.

    *Discounts on Medical Qigong Sessions will be given to class participants

    *To learn more about Medical Qigong click here

    Daily Energy Routine Class

    June 20th

    • Location TBA

    • Time: TBA

    • $10

    If you have heard of Donna Eden, the brilliant and gifted Energy Medicine pioneer, then you have probably heard of her 5 minute Daily Energy Routine.  Donna has been able to see the 9 energy systems of the human body (aura, chakras, meridians, and more) in perfect detail since birth.  She became an amazing energy medicine practitioner, wrote many amazing books, and founded a school to train other energy medicine practitioners. 

    Though her years of work and watching the energy of the human body, she developed a 5 minute routine of easy energy movements that put all the basic energy systems into balance.  This routine is powerful and can easily be done daily or as needed.

    Come learn how to do this 5 minute routine, how it works, and what it is doing for you with Angela, a Certified Eden Energy Medicine Practitioner.

    *Discounts on Eden Energy Medicine Sessions will be given to class participants

    *To learn more about Eden Energy Medicine click here

    Intro to Tibetan Singing Bowls
    June TBA

    • Energy Healing Conference in Salt Lake City, UT

    • Time: TBA

    • Included with the cost of admission to the conference

    Come hear and learn about the mysterious Tibetan Singing Bowls, their rich history, their healing power, and how to use them from a certified Tibetan Singing Bowl Practitioner who trained with a Master Teacher from Nepal.


    *Discounts on Tibetan Singing Bowl Sessions will be given to class participants

    *To learn more about Tibetan Singing Bowls click here

    Reiki Level 1&2 Certification

    Summer 2020

    • Location TBA

    • Time: 9:30 - 5:30

    • $250

    Angela is a USUI HOLY FIRE REIKI Master.  This class will be a day long LEVEL 1 Usui Holy Fire Reiki certification class (a Level 2 class will be taught after a month of practice, date to be determined with class participants).  There are many styles of Reiki, but I really love Usui Holy Fire because of it's breadth and depth, and because attunments are made directly by the student to the divine with guidance from the teacher, rather than through the teacher as in other styles of Reiki.

    Reiki is a Japanese word that roughly translates as "Universal Life-force Energy".  In this class we will cover the history of Reiki, the nature of Reiki energy, and how Universal Life-force Energy can be used to help people heal. We will learn about auras and chakras, hand placement for treatments, meditation and Byosen Scanning.  The class is a combination of lecture, discussion, demonstration and practice. Each student experiences giving and receiving a complete treatment, a class manual and a certificate is included.

    Send an email to info@innerbalancehealingarts.com if you are interested in this class.  Class size is very limited and a deposit of $50 will hold your spot for you. 

    *Discounts on Reiki Sessions will be given to class participants as it is very helpful to receive professional sessions before beginning to give them.

    *To learn more about Reiki click here

    Herbs for Common Ailments

    Sept 12th

    • Location TBA

    • Time: TBA

    • Free (donations accepted to help cover costs)

    Learn how to use proven herbal remedies for everyday issues from infections, to colds/flues, to digestive issues, to hormonal issues, to constipation.  This class with be taught by Angela, who is a master herbalist student.

    *To learn more about Herbs click here

    Intro to Foot Zone Reflexology


    • Location: TBA

    • Free (donations accepted to help cover costs)

    Did you know you can stimulate and massage the entire human body through the feet?  That is exactly what the ancient healing art of reflexology does.  It utilizes the fact that everything in the body is connected in order to stimulate muscles, fascia, nerves, bones, and internal organs back to the healthy blueprint they were meant to be.  Come learn what it's all about and some simple techniques you can do on yourself for greater health.

    *Discounts on Foot Zone Reflexology Sessions will be given to class participants.

    *To learn more about Foot Zone Reflexology click here

    Physics of Energy Medicine
    Date TBA
    • Location TBA

    • Time: TBA

    • Free (donations accepted to help cover costs)

    Class Description:

    Have you ever wondered what Physics has to say about the world of Energy Medicine?  Come learn from Physicist and Holistic Health Practitioner, Angela Mains, about the exciting realm where Physics and Energy Medicine meet.  Learn how modern physics gives validity to Energy Medicine and how Everything is Energy!

    ***We are also currently in communications with several yoga studios and community centers to begin holding Sound Baths and Energy Medicine Movement classes.  So look for those dates to be announced soon!