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Abundance Program

Allow Abundance to Flow to You
Image by Kent Pilcher
Program Details

  • 6 Month Program

  • 4 Session Hours/Month

  • $390/month ($460 session value)

  • In-Person or Distance

This world has more than enough for everyone.  Abundance can flow to you if you open yourself to it and work with the universal truths that govern it.  This program helps you remove energy blocks to abundance and helps you balance your energies and align your mindset so that abundance can flow to you.

Who Can Benefit?

Those who:

  • want more abundance in their life

  • are tired of living in a scarcity mentality

  • are ready to accept what the universe is trying to give them

Image by Jeremy Bishop

The 5 Energies

The ancient Chinese discovered that there are 5 different primary energy archetypes that govern the way the world works.  They govern the passage of the seasons, the different times of the day, the different organ systems of our body and body types, our different learning styles, and even our different personalities. 


Our personal mix of these energies determines to a great extent what we came here to learn to gain more balance and how we can use our strengths to do what we came here to do.   The greater balance we have in these energies, the more abundance can flow to us.


They named these different energies after forces of nature as a metaphor for understanding them.  The following is a simplified explanation of each energy:

  • Wood: the energy of work and growth 

  • Fire: the energy of excitement and enjoyment

  • Earth: the energy of connection and nurturing

  • Metal:  the energy of structure and rightness

  • Water: the energy of deep wisdom and flow

The natural world is always striving to keep these energies in balance, and when we learn to bring these energies in balance within ourselves, then the world works with us, rather than against us and abundance can flow to us more easily.

Support without Stress

This program has been carefully constructed in such a way as to give individual support while staying within an easy structure that is not overwhelming timewise, financially, or energetically.  And while you will begin to have results after only the 1st month, 6 months is the minimum amount of time needed to make really solid progress.  You are welcome to continue with the program past the initial 6 months if desired.

Image by Luis Villasmil

Modalities Included in the Program

Abundance Awakening SessionsSessions aimed directly at helping you bring more abundance into your life.  This type of session is unique to this program and not offered as a stand alone session at the clinic.

Bach Flower Remedies for Emotional Balancing:  An initial 1 hour session for determining your personal emotional balancing mix, plus monthly refills. More about Bach Flower Remedies

Chinese 5 Energy Personality Archetype Analysis and Support:  An initial 1 hour session for determining archetype and sensory type plus support for greater balance.  More about Chinese 5 Energy Theory

Emotion Code Sessions to Remove Trapped Emotional Energy:  Specific issues will be selected to be cleared. More about Emotion Code

Heart Wall Removal:  Removing the Heart Wall is key to allowing abundance to flow. Uses Emotion Code Techniques

Ho'oponopono to Clear Internal Issues:  Training will be given on how to use this powerful tool to not just manage or cope with issues, but to actually clear them so they no longer cause a problem.  Short meditations will be done together.

Energy Balancing Sessions:  1 hour energy medicine sessions.  The type of session can be selected from any that I offer and will be determined based on what will be most beneficial. List of available session types

Monthly Session Schedule

All sessions will be scheduled at the start of the program so that the structure is established and the stress of constantly booking sessions is removed.  Individual sessions can be moved as needed.

Month 1

  • Week 1 – 1 hour Bach Flower Session with bottle of personal blend

  • Week 2 – 1 hour Abundance Awakening Session

  • Week 3 – (2) ½ hour Heart Wall Sessions

  • Week 4 – 1 hour Energy Balancing Session

Month 2

  • Week 1 - ½ hour Abundance Awakening & Bach Flower refill

  • Week 2  - 1 hour 5 Element Analysis and Support

  • Week 3  - 1 hour Energy Balancing Session

  • Week 4 -  (2) ½ hour Heart Wall Sessions


Month 3

  • Week 1 -  ½ hour 5 Element Support Session & Bach Flower refill

  • Week 2 – 1 hour Abundance Awakening Session

  • Week 3 - 1 hour Energy Balancing Session

  • Week 4 – ½ hour Ho'oponopono Training/Session & ½ hour Heart Wall Session

Month 4-6 & beyond

  • Week 1 -  ½ hour 5 Element Support Session & Bach Flower refill

  • Week 2 – (2) ½ hour Emotion Code sessions with Ho'oponopono

  • Week 3 - 1 hour Energy Balancing Session

  • Week 4 – 1 hour Abundance Awakening Session

*This program can be canceled at any time before the 6 months is completed

Image by Nicholas Ng

To begin letting Abundance Flow: 

  1. Go to the Packages & Programs page

  2. Scroll to the bottom

  3. Select the "Abundance" program

  4. Signup and Pay for the program

  5. You will be contacted to setup session dates

If you would like to discuss more about this program, you may send us a message, or book a Free Consultation

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