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Practice makes Easy!
Are you looking for better health, balance and support in reaching your goals...
  • Energetically?
  • Emotionally?
  • Physically?
If you are, then you know that it's not a one and done kind of thing.  It's a gentle but steady process to build new energetic, emotional and physical habits.
That means regular practice, which can be hard to do on your own.
Remember, whatever you practice gets easier.  Whether it be procrastination, patience, smiling, piano, or good energy habits.  And knowing WHY you should practice makes the practice easier.
The Vitality Practice Portal was created to be an easy and inexpensive way to get short bits of guided practice as often as you want, at a time that works with your schedule. It supports you in gaining more vitality anytime, anywhere!
Its a bit like being able to call me anytime day or night and saying, "Can you explain that to me one more time?"  or "How does that technique go again?" or "What step should I take next?"
You follow your own personalized training based on what you want to practice and how much you want to practice it!
Membership includes:
  • Online access to a large and ever growing library of short energy training experiences (including energy routines, techniques, lessons, mediations, and sound healing) developed around specific focuses, called Energy Bites. 
  • Monthly accumulation of Energy Points that can be used to for product and session discounts (more info about Energy Points)
  • Easy Step by Step Online Programs that step you through practicing a specific energy principle and help you accumulate even more Energy Points
  • Special discount offers for members only
*Membership does not include free access to the quarterly classes taught on different subjects.  These classes can be accessed from the Online School.  However, the Energy Bites and Online Programs centered around the subject matter of these classes will be added to the Vitality Practice Portal regularly.  
The value of all this is truly priceless, because that is what our health and happiness is worth!  But, as I continue strive my best to support people willing to walk their path to a better life, I have been able to streamline this service and am happy to be able to offer it for only:

(per month)

And, you can cancel at anytime, so why not give it a try!

Also, waiting for you inside the Vitality Practice Portal is a coupon for 10% off any single session.  The savings you get from this coupon pays for a month or two's worth of portal access!

Healing is Priceless!

And with the Vitality Practice Portal you can...

Work Wiser not Harder!

Click here to Join!
I've been helping people towards becoming their best selves in my clinic for many years, but I really wanted to find a way to help as many people as I possibly could and support them on a daily basis as they strive to reach their healing and life goals. 
I knew that people needed 2 things to truly become their best selves:
  • knowledge about how our energy and the energy of the universe works
  • support in balancing their energy systems
I also knew that
  • most people couldn't spend a decade traveling all over the country taking 5 different certification classes at a time and spending $100,000 gaining the same education that I did
  • baby steps are better
Use the limited amount of beautiful time and energy you have each day with wisdom, spending at least a few minutes a day on your energetic, emotional, and physical health.  Its a wise investment!

Most days we just make withdrawals from our health bank account.  Its time to start making some deposits and invest in a healthy future!

Please read on for more details about exactly what you'll have access to as a member of the Vitality Practice Portal.
Your monthly membership includes:
Anytime access on your computer or phone through the Website or App (coming soon) to Energy Bites which include:
  • 5 Minute Energy Routines with a specific focus
  • Short Energy Education lessons
  • 1 page information sheets 
  • Meditations (5-10 minutes each)
  • Sound Bath Bites (5-10 minutes each)
Is there an energy principle you can't quite remember clearly, or a technique you can't quite remember how to do, or a meditation you want to just relax and enjoy without stressing about remembering it yourself, or do you have 5 minutes before falling asleep in bed when you want to relax your nervous system with a sound bath bite?
Then the library of Energy Bites is exactly what you need!
Simple short repetitions of techniques and information reinforces knowledge and energy pathways.  Not unlike lifting weights or learning any new skill. 
These Energy Bites will give you the regular Power UPs you need to keep making consistent progress on your journey!
Membership also includes:

Simple Step by Step Online Programs that guide you through learning and practicing a specific energy principle like:
  • Grounding
  • Supporting the Kidney Meridian
  • Opening the Mingmen
  • Supporting the Root Chakra
  • Opening up your natural gifts

No need to search the cupboard for which energy bite you want, these meal plan are all laid out for you with simple steps you can do on your own time.

And as a added Bonus, going through an Online Program also allows you to accumulate even more 
Energy Points for faster accumulation of product and session and discounts for even more healing support.  The circle of support never ends!
"Baby Steps are Better"
SLOW and STEADY wins the race!"
Life isn't a sprint. 
 a slow and beautiful cross country walk. 
So enjoy the journey and celebrate every step along the way!
Get the App!

The Vitality Practice Portal can be easily accessed through an app you can download to your phone making the information convenient and the programs easy to complete.

Follow this link for instructions.

You don't need to walk this path alone! 
Get the support that will help you to a happier, healthier life!


Join Today and Enjoy a Happier, More Fulfilling Life Journey!

To join the Vitality Practice Portal simply:

  1. Follow the link below to the Packages & Programs page

  2. Click on the Vitality Portal membership

  3. Setup your membership  

  4. Download the App for more convenience in accessing the portal.


This program may seem too good to be true, but it isn't.
Its Just Plain Good!

Today and Start Living Life Better!


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