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How do Session Packages Work?

Keep your healing journey going with discounted sessions
Why would I want to purchase a package of sessions?

There are two main reasons you would want to get a session package.

The #1 reason is to save money.  Session prices are discounted when purchased in a package. Packages can also be shared within a family and allow work done on several members of a family to be more economical.

Having a session package also encourages you to make progress on your healing journey rather than putting off the self-care we all need.  If you have a session package, you are more likely to get sessions regularly and see the progress in your healing.

What kind of packages are there?

We offer a simplified package system based on session length, rather than specific modality.  You can purchase a package of 30 minute sessions, 45 minute sessions, 60 minute sessions, or 90 minute sessions, and use that package for any type of session of that length.  This also allows you to mix and match different session types at a discount. 

Sometimes longer sessions being offered at discounted student clinical hours pricing are included as options in less expensive shorter length session packages because of the current price, but you still get the standard session length (for example 45 minute Biofield Tuning sessions are offered in the 30 minute Session Packages because they are student sessions and less expensive right now)

30 Minute Session Packages include:

  • Health Guide Mini-Session

  • 5 Elements Balancing Session

  • Emotion Code Session

  • Crystal Mini or Grounding Session

  • Foot Zone Mini or Gemi Energy Zone Session

  • Reiki Tuneup, Quick Balance, or Chakra Session

  • Biofield Quick Tuneup or Biofield Tuning 45 min. Session

  • Bach Flower Remedy Mini Session

45 Minute Session Packages include:

  • Chakra Tuneup Session

  • Eden Energy Medicine Kids or Quick Balance/Stress Relief

  • Reiki Tuneup or Chakra Session

  • Tibetan Singing Bowls Relaxation Session

  • Biofield Tuning+Chakra, and 45 min. Sessions

  • Medical Qigong Kids Session

60 Minute Session Packages include:

  • 5 Elements Exploration or Couples/Family Session

  • Acupressure Session

  • Bach Flower Remedies Session

  • Biofield Tuning+Chakra Session

  • Chakra Deep Session

  • Crystal Chakra or Light & Sound

  • Eden Energy Medicine Standard, Hormone, Chakra Session

  • Foot Zone Full Session

  • Medical Qigong Session

  • Reiki Session

  • Tibetan Singing Bowls Standard or Chakra Session

  • Life Path Session


90 Minute Eden Energy Medicine Session Packages (the only 90 minute sessions we offer)


How do I use a session package?

When you buy a package you will be asked to setup an account if you don't already have one.  This account will keep track of your sessions.

When you want to use a prepaid package to book a session, make sure you are logged into your account and simply start booking a type of session that qualifies for the package, either from the Book a Session page or from the individual healing modality's page, and when you go to pay for the session you will be asked if you want to use your prepaid package.

Thats it!  You can also look at the packages you have from your account.

To see our session packages options visit our Purchase Session Packages page.

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