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The 5 Elemental Energy

Personality quizzes are a useful way to get started with understanding your personal

5 Elemental Energy Constitution

What are the 2 highest Elemental Energies at work in your personality?

5 Element Personality Quiz

How much of each Elemental Energy is in your personality?

Individual Element Quizzes


No quiz is 100% accurate, but I estimate these quizzes to be about to 80% accurate, which is very good indeed and much more accurate than most!

In order to try to increase the level of accuracy I have developed 2 different types of quizzes.  Please take both types of quizzes and see how closely your results match up.  If they match up, then you can be about 90% sure that you have figured out your top 2 energies.

If you would like more help discovering your personal 5 Elemental Energy personality profile, you can schedule a 5 Element Assessment Session where we will assess the relative strengths and weaknesses of all 5 of your energies with close to 100% accuracy.

*Please note that these quizzes will be less accurate for children.  While we are all born and start out with a specific energetic makeup, our energetic ingredients are not fully done baking, so to speak, until our early 20's.  For a more accurate assessment, please book a personal session.

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