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The 5 Elemental Energies

The Energetic Building Blocks of the Universe

A 5 Elemental Energy Assessment session is a sit down session in which, though various energy assessment techniques, the relative strengths of the 5 Elemental Energies will be determined.  You will then be given instructions and guidance on what this means for you as you move forward into greater emotional, energetic, and physical balance.

In a 2-Person session, both people will be assessed and given personal guidance, and then guidance will also be given on how each individual's energies are likely to interact with each other in constructive and destructive ways and how to lean towards more constructive and less destructive interactions.

*Sessions can be done in person or over the phone.

5 Elemental Energies Balancing can be done as part of an Energy Medicine Session, or if you prefer a full 5 Elemental Energies Balancing session simply indicate this in the notes section at time of booking.  

*This session can be done remotely over the phone

What are the 5 Elemental Energies?

The understanding of the 5 Elemental Energies comes from ancient Chinese medicine.  It is thousands of years old and has been studied for as long.  The 5 Elemental Energies are the energetic building blocks of the universe.  The elemental names assigned to these energies serve as metaphors to help us understand the different energies..

The 5 Elemental Energies are Water, Wood, Fire, Earth, and Metal.  If you like personality tests, then you will love the 5 Elemental Energies because it is what underlies all personality traits and is by far the most accurate and comprehensive understanding of personality that I have ever found.  But, it is also much, much more than that.  If it not only fundamental to our personality trains and emotional repression, but also governs the way that our bodies work.

The 5 Elemental Energies is foundational to Chinese medicine, but when communists took over China and created what is now called "Traditional Chinese Medicine" they stripped out all references to the 5 Elemental Energies. And so now not only are the 5 Elemental Energies missing from medicine in China and Taiwan (except in small pockets that have secretly kept and used it) the version of Chinese medicine that has been introduced to the western world is stripped of much of its knowledge and power.  In my opinion (and many experts) Chinese based medicine cannot be practiced properly without an understanding of the 5 Elemental Energies.  This is true traditional Chinese medicine.

The 5 Elemental Energies are so fundamental to our energy systems that people who are very gifted at seeing subtle energy, such as Donna Eden of Eden Energy Medicine, can actually see 5 distinct energy rhythms flowing through our energy systems and that every person has a unique blend of what energetic rhythms are strongest in them.  In fact Donna recognized these 5 distinct energetic rhythms before she ever learned about the 5 Elemental Energies and once she learned about them she knew that was exactly what she was seeing.

The characteristics of 5 Elemental Energies are best shown in chart form which can be found in the 5 Elemental Energies section of the website

Why would I want to know my 5 Elemental Energy makeup?


If you want to understand the world, learn about the 5 Elemental Energies!

It is quite obvious that different people live their lives by different energetic rhythms.  This may frustrate us all, but it isn't wrong.  The key to getting along and having understanding for each other is to understand the energies that govern the way we interact with the world.   Each energy has its strengths and weaknesses, governs a different phase of life, and governs different body systems.

Every person has all 5 Elemental Energies, but is usually very strong in 1 particular energy.  This is their primary energy and is the most important for understanding the way they interact with the world.  Then there will be a second strongest energy (or 2 equally strong secondary energies), a 3rd strongest energy, etc..  The 5th energy is usually very weak.  Ideally a well balanced person is well balanced in all of the energies and can access all their strengths while counterbalancing their weaknesses.  I have noticed that in general the older a person becomes the more balanced they become as long as they have taken the time to learn the lessons life has offered them, if not, they can become very stuck in their primary rhythm indeed! 


All people tend to revert to their primary energy under stress so it is very valuable to know what your primary energy is and be aware of its weaknesses.  And since the energies themselves govern different organs in the body, the organs of our primary energies tend to get overworked and develop issues.  This is very important to be aware of and watch out for.

Ultimately, understanding your 5 Elemental Energies brings much peace and self acceptance as well as tolerance for others.  Understanding your energies helps you keep a watch out for your weaknesses and gives you tools to help you strengthen them, helping you become a more balanced person.​

Understanding the 5 Elemental Energies is especially useful in family and work relationships and can make all the difference in the world.

How can I find out my personal 5 Elemental Energy makup?

There are a few ways to gain information as to which energies are strong in you and which are weak.  

Angela's Qualifications

Angela absolutely loves the 5 Elemental Energies and shares this knowledge with anyone who will listen!  It has changed her life and given her so much peace and joy.

She has studied human emotion all her life, and being strongly empathic is very skilled at deciphering the root emotions that people are feeling.  When she learned about the 5 Elemental Energies she discovered that she had a strong gift for deciphering the energies of others, even when they can't figure it out themselves.  She loves helping people figure out their 5 Elemental Energies in a kind and nonjudgmental way and loves how helping people understand themselves better brings them more self-acceptance, peace, freedom to be themselves, and more tolerance for others. 

She has written her own comprehensive 5 Elemental Energies Personality Quizzes , online classes, and an online 5 Element Oracle Deck for daily inspiration.  

She has been trained in 5 Elemental Energy Theory in Medical Qigong, Eden Energy Medicine, acupressure, through her own gifts, and life experiences.  She is also well read on the subject.

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