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Work Wiser Program

Work Wiser - Not Harder
Working Together
Program Details

  • 6 Month Program

  • 4 Session Hours/Month

  • $390/month ($460 session value)

  • In-Person or Distance

Do you ever feel like you are just spinning your wheels?  Just gritting your teeth and getting through the day through shear force of will?  Working so hard to climb the mountain of your goals?  Or maybe just going in circles with no end in sight?

Well it doesn't need to be that way.  Yes, hard work is important, but it's not the only important energy you need to tap into to truly reach your goals.  There is an easier and more fulfilling path up the mountain.


Our Work Wiser program is a 6 month program designed to help anyone reach their goals in a balanced way, allowing abundance to flow to you.  You'll still need to put in some effort to achieve your desires, but you will now be able to do it with more wisdom, balance and ease.  And in time, reaching your goals will look and feel almost effortless.


Wisdom, balance, and removing energetic blocks are they keys to allowing abundance to flow to you, rather than having to fight for every scrap.  This program will help you harness your strengths, strengthen their weaknesses, and clear energetic blocks so you can be able to take advantage of a whole world of opportunities and be successful in every way.

Who Can Benefit?

Those who:

  • are working hard but not quite achieving their goals

  • are achieving their goals, but working too hard at it

  • want to reach goals but feel like they don't have the time or strength

  • are ready to let the abundance of life flow to them

Part of the problem is that we live in a culture that values hard work above all else.  This has lead to great achievements in our society and in the world, but it is out of balance and anything out of balance always leads to struggle.

Working Mom

The 5 Energies

The ancient Chinese discovered that there are 5 different primary energy archetypes that govern the way the world works.  They govern the passage of the seasons, the different times of the day, the different organ systems of our body and body types, our different learning styles, and even our different personalities. 


They named these different energies after forces of nature as a metaphor for understanding them.  The following is a simplified explanation of each energy:

  • Wood: the energy of work and growth

  • Fire: the energy of excitement and enjoyment

  • Earth: the energy of connection and nurturing

  • Metal:  the energy of structure and rightness

  • Water: the energy of deep wisdom and flow

The natural world is always striving to keep these energies in balance, and when we learn to bring these energies in balance within ourselves, then the world works with us, rather than against us.  Its simple physics.

Balancing Our Primary Energy

Each person has a primary nature in one of these energies and it governs to a great extent how they interact with the world.  Learning what energies drive you is key to understanding they way you work.  Each person is also deficient in certain energies, but when we come to understand our energetic makeup, we are finally given a map to help us reach a better balance.  To help us use our strengths to strengthen our weaknesses.

Each country and culture also has a primary energy archetype.  And if you guessed that the USA is a primary Wood archetype, then you are right!  But not only is America a primary Wood energy, as American culture has spread across the world, the culture of the entire world is now primary Wood.  Now, there is absolutely nothing wrong with Wood energy.  It is amazing!  There is just simply too much of it right now and it has thrown everything out of balance.

American culture is also Water energy deficient (I like to says it's thirsty!) and so the things that Water energy governs are least supported: like wisdom, truth, gentleness, flow, and rest.

So regardless of what our personal energetic makeup is, our culture is always trying to push more Wood, is also unsupportive of Water, and the other 3 energies are in the middle.  So in order to reach a better balance, we as an entire culture need to work a little less and put more wisdom into the work we do.  And with more balanced Wood and Water energies, the abundance of the world will flow to us more easily for us to work with.

This of course is a cultural issue that effects us all, but we each have our own set of imbalances to work with as well.  Working directly with our own energy archetypal makeup will align us with the natural energetic order of the universe. 

Working in the Garden
Woman Working Out
Working Outside
Image by Igor Rodrigues

Removing Energetic Blocks


And beyond working with our natural energetic makeup, we also need to work on removing trapped energetic and emotional blocks so that the flow of abundance can increase.

Most everyone over the age of 8 has what is called a Heart Wall.  It's an energetic field that has been put up to protect our heart from painful things and is a natural defense mechanism because life is hard and painful things happen to us all.

However, we have no tools in our culture for removing the Heart Wall once it has been put up.  It just keeps getting thicker and thicker.  You may not thing a strong protection around your heart is a bad thing, and when it is needed it isn't.  But, when it isn't needed it blocks the heart's ability to give and receive abundance. Thankfully it isn't too difficult to remove and it will be removed as part of this program.  When it is taken off, you will be amazed at how free your heart feels.

A Personalized Path

Each of us is energetically unique and when you come to understand what your primary personality energy archetypes are, you come to understand yourself, what your strengths and weaknesses are, and what your needs are.  You can finally see how absolutely amazing you already are and how bringing yourself into greater balance can remove much of the struggle from everyday life.  And you are all but handed you own personal roadmap to success!

We also each acquire our own personal set of disruptive energies that cause energetic, emotional, mental, and physical issues.  This program will work on clearing those as well so you are truly free to be your best self and come into your true power, happiness and success.

Image by henry perks

My Personal Journey

I came into this world just as unbalanced as everyone else.  However, my particular set of imbalances ended up being the complete opposite of the prevailing culture, and it felt like the opposite of everyone else around me as well.  So, as you might have guessed, I am a primary Water energy and I am Wood energy deficient.  My particular blend of energies goes like this (from most to least) Water, Metal, Earth, Fire, Wood.


The world didn't know what do with me, and I honestly didn't know what to do with myself.  There was no support structure in place for what I was and I desperately struggled to find a place.  Wisdom, truth, and the ability to flow (of which I am naturally gifted in) were the only things that kept me going.  Until.... I came to understand the 5 energies and finally understood who I naturally was, how amazing that is,  and how I could work towards better balance. 

Image by Anastasia Taioglou

I also came to realize that my natural gifts are an antidote to what is out of balance in the world and I found a purpose in helping others find their true selves, come into better balance, and essentially get out of their own way.  I also discovered that I have a gift for understanding the makeup of other's archetypal energies and can assist them understanding themselves and finding their path to greater peace, happiness and abundance.

I now work everyday at coming into better balance, by making sure my strengths don't get too overused, and by actively using my strengths to strengthen my weaknesses, while also continually clearing disruptive energies I find in my system.  This has truly led me to an amazing place of greater peace, happiness, and fulfillment.  And though life isn't always easy sailing, the waves are now more gentle, I get where I want to go faster, and life floats abundance to me without too much effort on my part.  Im definatly no longer paddling upstream!  And I want everyone to experience the amazing way this feels.

Support without Stress

This program has been carefully constructed in such a way as to give individual support, while staying within an easy structure that is not overwhelming in time, financially, or with too much efforting.  And while you will begin to results after only the 1st month, 6 months is the minimum amount of time needed to make really solid, long lasting change.  You are welcome to continue with the program past the initial 6 months if desired.


Modalities Included in the Program

Bach Flower Remedies for Emotional Balancing:  An initial 1 hour session for determining your personal emotional balancing mix, plus monthly refills. More about Bach Flower Remedies

Chinese 5 Energy Personality Archetype Analysis and Support:  An initial 1 hour session for determining archetype and sensory type plus monthly support for greater balance.  More about Chinese 5 Energy Theory

Emotion Code Sessions to Remove Trapped Emotional Energy:  Specific issues will be selected to be cleared. More about Emotion Code

Heart Wall Removal:  Removing the Heart Wall is key to allowing abundance to flow. Uses Emotion Code Techniques

Ho'oponopono to Clear Internal Issues:  Training will be given on how to use this powerful tool to not just manage or cope with issues, but to actually clear them so they no longer cause a problem.  Short meditations will be done together.

Energy Balancing Sessions:  1 hour energy medicine sessions.  The type of session can be selected from any that I offer and will be determined based on what will be most beneficial. List of available session types

Monthly Session Schedule

All sessions will be scheduled at the start of the program so that the structure is established and the stress of constantly booking sessions is removed.  Individual sessions can be moved as needed.

Month 1

  • Week 1 – 1 hour Bach Flower Session with bottle of personal blend

  • Week 2 – (2) ½ hour Heart Wall Sessions

  • Week 3 – 1 hour Energy Balancing Session

  • Week 4 – (2) ½ hour Heart Wall Sessions

Month 2

  • Week 1 - ½ hour Heart Wall Session & Bach Flower refill

  • Week 2  - 1 hour 5 Element Analysis and Support

  • Week 3  - 1 hour Energy Balancing Session

  • Week 4 -  (2) ½ hour Heart Wall Sessions


Month 3

  • Week 1 -  ½ hour 5 Element Support Session & Bach Flower refill

  • Week 2 – ½ hour Ho'oponopono Training/Session & ½ hour Emotion Code Session

  • Week 3 - 1 hour Energy Balancing Session

  • Week 4 – (2) ½ hour Emotion Code sessions with Ho'oponopono

Month 4-6 & beyond

  • Week 1 -  ½ hour 5 Element Support Session & Bach Flower refill

  • Week 2 – (2) ½ hour Emotion Code sessions with Ho'oponopono

  • Week 3 - 1 hour Energy Balancing Session

  • Week 4 – (2) ½ hour Emotion Code sessions with Ho'oponopono

*This program can be canceled at any time before the 6 months is completed

Man Working at Desk

To begin the path to Working Wiser: 

  1. go to the Packages & Programs page

  2. Scroll to the bottom

  3. Select the "Work Wiser" program

  4. Signup and Pay for the program

  5. You will be contacted to setup session dates

If you would like to discuss more about this program, you may send us a message, or book a Free Consultation

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