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Student Success! Program

A Happy Student is a Successful Student
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Program Details

  • 4 Month Program

  • 3 Session Hours/Month

  • $295/month ($345 session value)

  • In-Person or Distance

Our Student Success program is a 4 month program designed to help anyone in an active learning environment, child to adult. It helps to harness their strengths, strengthen their weaknesses, and clear energetic blocks, making it easier to learn with less stress and more happiness and peace.  It helps a struggling student grow into a more balanced person able to take advantage of a whole world of opportunities and exciting things available to them.  It helps them be successful in every way.

Who Can Benefit?

This program can assist with such learning struggles as:

  • attention difficulties

  • lack of motivation

  • difficulty focusing

  • procrastination

  • perfectionism

  • overachieving

  • overwhelm

  • rebelliousness

  • authority issues

  • social interaction

  • lack of interest

  • self-confidence 

  • absentmindedness

  • moodiness

  • constant worry

  • dissociation'

  • fear

  • shyness

  • sadness

  • and more...

Part of the problem in any kind of learning setting is that each institution or teacher typically teaches in only 1 style, and if that happens to fit your needs of your student, then great!  But more often than not, it doesn't, creating a struggle to succeed in learning.  The ancient Chinese discovered that there are 5 primary energy personality archetypes, each with a different primary way of learning and interacting with the world.  There are also 4 primary sensory types we use to bring in information. 

Ready for School
Students Taking Note
Off to School

A Personalized Path

Each of us is energetically unique and when you come to understand what your primary personality energy archetypes and sensory types are, you come to understand yourself, what your strengths and weaknesses are, and what your needs are.  You can finally see how absolutely amazing you already are and how bringing yourself into greater balance can remove much of the struggle from everyday life.

From this understanding you can set a path to greater balance, instead of just wondering what's wrong with you or everyone else.  There are many things unbalanced in each of us, but we can come into our true power, happiness and success when we understand the power of who we truly are and the additional power, joy, and peace that can come from greater balance. 


My Personal Journey

I am a mother of children with vastly different learning styles.  I have volunteered in schools for many years helping kids with different learning styles. I am also a perpetual student, studying in several different programs at once with the opportunity to constantly observe and study many different learning styles.  I have taught and been a teaching assistant in many classes.  I have specific training in the needs of the different learning styles. 

Many people ask me how I can possible study and learn as much as I do and how I am able to help other's learn so easily.  It is because I understand my own energetic personality archetypal makeup and sensory types.  I use my strengths and work on strengthening what I am weak in.  I constantly work on clearing out any energetic/emotional blocks that are hampering me.  I know who I am and what I want to be.  I also have a gift for understanding the makeup of other's archetypal energies, helping them to understand and love their true selves and supporting their path to greater balance.

I am a good student who loves learning and is very successful at it.  But that hasn't always been the case.  As a child I loved to learn, but my own archetypal makeup is particularly unsuited for our current school system structure and I truly struggled.  I didn't struggle at getting good grades, I struggled to thrive at life in an environment completely unsuited to supporting me.  I dearly wish I had known then what I know now.  I could have not just survived, but thrived.  I now know how to help other's thrive and I want to offer this help.  Every student struggles in different ways, but all can be helped and supported according to their own individual needs.

Support without Stress

This program has been carefully constructed in such a way as to give each student the individual support they need, while staying within an easy structure that is not overwhelming in time or financially.  And while results will be seen after only the 1st month, 4 months is the minimum amount of time needed help you student make really solid, long lasting progress towards thriving in their studies and in life.  You are welcome to continue with the program past the initial 4 months if desired.

Girl at School

Happy Home, Happy Student

This program comes with a Happy Home addon where members of the student's family (parents, siblings, children) may join the program with them and undertake their own journey to greater balance for just $195/month per additional family member. 

If you are a parent of a struggling child, I promise you that the best way to help your child is to help yourself.  As a parent, you are energetically responsible for maintaining your child's world, and the more balanced you are, the more balanced they will be.  This will make your home a much happier place.  Life itself may not change, but your struggle with it will.

Modalities Included in the Program

Bach Flower Remedies for Emotional Balancing:  An initial 1 hour session for determining your personal emotional balancing mix, plus monthly refills. More about Bach Flower Remedies

Chinese 5 Energy Personality Archetype Analysis and Support:  An initial 1 hour session for determining archetype and sensory type plus monthly support for greater balance.  More about Chinese 5 Energy Theory

Emotion Code Sessions to Remove Trapped Emotional Energy:  Specific issues will be selected to be cleared. More about Emotion Code

Ho'oponopono to Clear Internal Issues:  Training will be given on how to use this powerful tool to not just manage or cope with issues, but to actually clear them so they no longer cause a problem.  Short meditations will be done together.

Energy Balancing Sessions:  1 hour energy medicine sessions.  The type of session can be selected from any that I offer and will be determined based on what will be most beneficial. List of available session types

Male Student

Monthly Session Schedule

All sessions will be scheduled at the start of the program so that the structure is established and the stress of constantly booking sessions is removed.  Individual sessions can be moved as needed.

Month 1

  • Week 1 – 1 hour Bach Flower Session with bottle of personal blend

  • Week 2 – ½ hour Emotion Code Session

  • Week 3 – 1 hour 5 Element Analysis and Support

  • Week 4 – ½ hour Emotion Code Session

Month 2

  • Week 1 - ½ hour 5 Element Support Session & Bach Flower refill

  • Week 2 - ½ hour Ho'oponopono Training/Session

  • Week 3 - 1 hour Energy Balancing Session

  • Week 4 - ½ hour Emotion Code Session

Month 3-4 & beyond

  • Week 1 - ½ hour 5 Element Support Session & Bach Flower refill

  • Week 2 – ½ hour Emotion Code Session with Ho'oponopono

  • Week 3 - 1 hour Energy Balancing Session

  • Week 4 – ½ hour Emotion Code Session with Ho'oponopono

*This program can be canceled at any time before the 4 months is completed

School Children
Day School Teacher

To begin the path to Student Success: 

  1. go to the Packages & Programs page

  2. Scroll to the bottom

  3. Select the "Student Success!" program

  4. Signup and Pay for the program

  5. You will be contacted to setup session dates

If you would like to discuss more about this program, you may send us a message, or book a Free Consultation

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