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Herbs & Supplements

Nature's Medicine
How can Herbs & Supplements help me?

Often we need help on more than just an energetic level.  We need help at a physical level too, That's where herbs and supplements come in.  

Medicinal plants and foods have been used for thousands of years, by every culture around the world to support health.  And despite what you might think, they are powerful!

We have herbs, like the humble garlic, that are more anti-microbial than the strongest antibiotic, and they are anti-viral too!  Even everyday culinary herbs have tremendous healing power.

Hippocrates, the father of modern medicine, said:

    "Let food be they medicine and medicine be thy food"


Whole foods and herbs work synergistically with each other and are bodies.  They are the medicine our bodies where meant to use.  Any whole herb or food has hundred of beneficial compounds that work together.  Anytime we extract individual compounds from foods and herbs and take high doses of just one  or two compounds, we may treat the problem we are going after, but we risk throwing something else out of balance.  This is precisely the problem with modern pharmaceutical drugs.  


I am of the firm belief that whole food and herbs, not extracts or synthetics, are the best medicine for our bodies.  I have used herb's and foods for many years almost exclusively for the health of my own family with great success.  I am a certified Family Herbalist and am currently studying to become a Master Herbalist at The School of Natural Healing.

What kind of natural medicine help is offered?

There are so many herbs and supplements out there, enough to make your head spin.  Every health food store has rows and rows to choose from, without much guidance.  Where do you start?  While it is unfortunately not legal to practice medicine as an Herbalist, it is legal to give advice to people and let them make their own informed choices.

I offer advice on herbs, supplements, whole foods, essential oils, and homeopathic cell salts.  I offer many of these products for sale at my clinic and only sell the best, most rigorously researched, personally tested products.  But you don't need to buy from my clinic to get my help.  Feel free to bring in any supplement you are currently taking to get my advice on it.

What is a Session like?

We will discuss with your herbal, whole food, essential oil, and supplement needs.  Get advice on what would be most effective for you.  You can be energetically tested to see what would be helpful for you.

For your convenience, we sell most of our favorite products at the clinic, though purchase is not required.

Receive personalized guidance and training on herbs, foods, essential oils, and other supplements.

*This session can be done over the phone

What is The School of Natural Healing?

The School of Natural Healing was founded in 1953 by Dr. John R. Christopher, a brilliant world renowned herbalist.  Dr. Christopher was a sickly child who was told that we would not live past 30 years old because of a heart condition.  Having been given up on by modern medicine and having seen the same thing happen to his mother, he sought out a more natural way to health.

He became a Master Herbalist and a naturopathic physician.  He became the only practicing herbalist in the army during WWII because he was able to prove the effectiveness of herbs to his commanding officers when conventional treatments failed.  

After the war he became a very successful practicing herbalist and helped thousands of people, until the powers that be shut him down by passing laws making it illegal to practice herbalism as a medical profession.  But he didn't let that stop him.  He decided if he couldn't treat people directly, then he would teach them how to help themselves (which was and still is legal) and so he opened The School of Natural Healing.

Dr. Christopher was a brilliant herbalist and his herbal formulas have proven very effective over the past 75 years by thousands of people.  They were formulated during the time he was a practicing herbalist and he could see the direct effect on hundreds of people.  He also felt that all of his herbal formulas should be given freely to the people and so they are published and easily obtained, with instructions on how to make it yourself, not secret and proprietary.  You can also purchase the herbal formulas ready made to save you time.

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Angela's Qualifications

Angela is currently a student at The School of Natural Healing working toward her Master Herbalist degree.  She is a certified Family Herbalist and has almost completed her Nutritional Herbalist degree.

She has researched thousands of hours on herbs, essential oils, healing foods, homeopathic cell salts, etc.. and tested everything that looked beneficial.  She raises her own family with natural remedies.

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