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Inner Balance Healing Arts Online School

Inner Balance Healing Arts has an online school!  Just click on the "Enroll Now" button to enroll in the school for free and start taking classes.

At the Inner Balance Healing Arts online school you will find free and inexpensive classes on all kinds of holistic health topic, empowering you on your healing journey and helping you learn how to truly heal.

It's free to enroll in the school and all of the classes we offer right now are free, but the information is priceless and lifesaving!

More free and inexpensive classes are being created right now. If you are enrolled in our school, you will be the first to know when they go live!


Classes currently being offered:


You can only reach as high as your roots go deep

Most of us want to build up our energy, reach high, and open our gifts as quickly as possible, but we forget that a tree's roots must go down deeper than its branches go up or it will fall over.  Come learn about grounding, its importance and how to sink your energetic roots deep into the earth for support, stability and nourishment.

Yin & Yang: Universal Forces 

In the balance of Yin & Yang is peace

Human beings tend to go to extremes and that's ok because it is how we often learn​, but it is crucial to know that in the end balance is what we need to find.  All forces in the universe have an equal and opposite opposing force to ensure that balance can be achieved.  Come learn more about the fundamental natures of yin and yang forces and how to more quickly achieve greater balance and peace.

Sound Bath Experience -  Free

A live recording of a Sound Bath with Tibetan Singing Bowls and other native instruments

This Sound Bath Experience is offered for free online to allow those without regular access to Sound Baths the ability to experience one and its amazing healing properties.


Sound baths are an amazing meditative experience. Deeply relax while sound waves wash over you, calming your mind and resetting your nervous system​. The sound bath will feature Tibetan Singing Bowls, Native American flutes, Nepalese drums, tingshas, and more.... These powerful traditional healing instruments have the ability to effect the energy systems of the body, clearing and resetting them. The end result is a more peaceful, healthier, balanced you.


This Sound Bath was recorded live at the Inner Balance Healing Arts clinic and school.

Chinese 5 Element Personality Archetypes - Free

Learn what makes you tick and how to have greater emotional balance


Understanding Five Element Theory can change your life and help you heal. It is the true foundation of all Chinese healing arts. It is simple in application, but broad in scope. It has the ability to help people heal emotionally, physically, spiritually, save relationships, and even save lives! 

What are the Bach Flower Remedies? - Free

Know what they are and how they can help with emotional issues

Bach Flower Remedies are like herbs for your emotions and are a natural system of stress management. In this course you will learn the history of Dr. Bach and the Bach Flower Remedies. You will also learn about each of the flower remedies and the keywords associated with them as you begin to understand how to use these powerful flowers for emotional balancing and greater peace.

Reiki: An Overview - Free

Learn what Reiki is, how it works, and how it can help you.

This course will give you an historical overview about where the healing art of Reiki comes from and how it is used today. It will also give you tips to start using the principles of Reiki in you life right now.

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