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Foot Zone Reflexology

The gateway to health is through the sole
What is Reflexology?

Reflexology is an ancient Chinese healing art that utilizes the fact that the entire human body maps to the feet (and also the hands and ears).  Direct pressure is applied to different areas of the foot to stimulate every organ, muscle, bone, nerve, and connective tissue.  This stimulation triggers a healing response.  There is much evidence that many ancient cultures all over the world knew this and practiced this in one form or another.  From the Egyptians to the Mayans.

What is Foot Zoning?

Foot zone technique has its roots in reflexology, but it treats the body as a whole instead of just its individual parts. It began with Dr. Charles Ersdal from Norway who as a young man suffered paralysis of the left side.  After undergoing modern medical treatments with no results, he turned to Einar Svendsen, a chiropractor and reflexologist for help. Svendsen worked with Ersdal using reflexology for two years, and he was finally brought back to good health.

This event inspired Ersdal to attend the European College of Natural Medicine in Germany where he studied alternative modalities including herbology, chiropractic, and reflexology.  Because Ersdal was cured but others undergoing the same treatment were not, he questioned why reflexology didn’t work for everyone.

Over the next twenty-six years, Dr. Ersdal devoted his life to the study of anatomy and physiology, and through further inspiration he discovered additional signals and developed treatments on the feet relating to all of the major organs and systems in the body which had not been used with reflexology. He treated thousands of patients in clinical studies with a myriad of conditions, developing over a hundred pathology charts

Dr. Ersdal was convinced by his research and inspiration that the body needed to be treated in its entirety, as a whole. This assertion went against just treating the symptomatic areas, which was the main focus of reflexology at that time. Ersdal named his technique Foot Zone Therapy.  He opened the Center for Alternative Medicine in Kristiansand, Norway. Because of his life’s work, Dr. Ersdal and his Foot Zone Therapy method became famous in Europe and throughout the world.  Over the past 20 years reflexology charts have evolved to more closely resemble Dr. Ersdal’s Foot Zone Therapy charts which include all sides of the feet, and lower part of the legs.


Why get a Foot Zone?

Our bodies have amazing healing systems!  These systems are complex and interconnected and we each have within us a blueprint of wholeness and it is an essential key to our ability to thrive!

Restorative foot zoning is a powerful, yet simple and noninvasive technique that activates our healthy blueprint. Literally hundreds of pressure points — inherent signals in our feet — work together like a “switchboard.”  Restorative foot zoning “switches on” the entire blueprint of the body down to the cellular level. The blueprint, once activated, sends healing information in the form of electromagnetic impulses throughout the entire body, bringing physical, mental, emotional, and balance.

A foot zone practitioner always treats the entire body through the feet because all systems in the body are connected to each other.

The foot zone technique stimulates all the organs of the body and renews cell systems. It is a holistic approach that works with the knowledge that all the body’s cells and organs are interconnected, and specific trigger points can stimulate the cells in these organs to function at a premium level.

Most people have blocked signals on their feet. A practitioner needs to open up these signal points using pressure and manipulation. The idea of foot zone therapy isn’t to force your zones to open up, but instead, a session allows your body, through stimulation of your innate blueprint to wholeness, to do what needs to be done to activate the signals from your feet to your brain.

What is Wellness Life Zone Foot Zone Academy?

There are many styles of foot zone therapy. In some regions of the world, practitioners are taught to use tools, and others are taught to use only their hands. Wellness Life Zone, Foot Zone Academy uses hands and also uses specially designed crystal and stone spheres or sticks known as Gemi Tools that help access the signals on the foot and amplify the healing process.

Amber Jensen and Sharla Pearce are the co-owners and instructors of Wellness Life Zone, Foot Zone Academy. 


Wellness Life Zone also teaches the Energy Zone which is a quick and effective way of balancing the body's energies through the feet.

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Sole Guidance by Holly Tse

Make your feet sing while sending healing to the rest of your body!

Get a massage for your insides!

What is a Session like?

A session involves laying on a massage table or sitting in a chair while the practitioner works on your feet with their hands and Gemi Tools.  Trigger points on the feet will be massaged to stimulate the whole body back to health, including organs, muscles, nerves, bones, fascia, lymph and blood.

Parts of the session will feel relaxing, but the parts of the body that need extra attention will feel tender.  Essential oils and music can also be used during the session if desired.

Using foot zone technique to balance your body takes time.  It is recommended that you undergo a series of sessions according to the health needs of your body. Consistent sessions help reestablish the body’s restorative abilities. 

Everyone can benefit from a foot zone session. It is great for pregnant women, the young and the old, athletes, and anyone who needs to re-balance his or her body. 

*People who have transplants should not get foot zones.  It stimulates the immune system too much.

Foot Zone Full Session
1 uur

A Full Session is a full foot zone treatment.  It begins with a brief Gemi Zone to energetically wake up the systems, followed by a full deep foot zone, and ending with a brief Energy Zone for balance.  Essential oils can also be rubbed on the feet at the end if desired.  

This treatment will make your feet sing while you get an internal massage for your organs, muscles, nerves, bones, lymph, fascia and blood. 

*This session can be done remotely over the phone

*This type of session can be purchased as part of a 60 minute Session Package at a discounted price.

Foot Zone Mini Session
30 min

A Foot Zone Mini Session is a treat for your feet and a healing recharge for your body. A mini session is designed to give your body a quick recharge of its systems, stimulate healing, and relax your nervous system and feet. A few problematic spots can be worked on more deeply.  Crystal/stone gemi tools and essential oils will be used if desired.

*This session can be done remotely over the phone

*This type of session can be purchased as part of a 30 minute Session Package at a discounted price.

Gemi Energy Zone Session
30 min

A Gemi Energy Zone Session is a gentle balancing session where a longer Gemi Zone technique is performed to wakeup and energize all the systems, followed by an Energy Zone to balance the body's energy systems.  It is very relaxing.  Essential oils can be rubbed on the feet at the end if desired.

*This session can be done remotely over the phone

*This type of session can be purchased as part of a 30 minute Session Package at a discounted price.

Gemi Tool.png
Angela's Qualifications

Angela is a certified practitioner from Wellness Life Zone, Foot Zone Academy.

Angela loves having a healing modality on hand that works directly with the body's physical systems and believes that healing on all levels, physical, mental, and emotional, is important and that they are connected and effect each other.

Natural forces within us are the true healers of disease.
Amber Jensen.png

Amber became a certified foot zone practitioner in 1994 after studying for approximately two years with Dr. Charles Ersdal, M.D., M.A., father of the Foot Zone Therapy Technique™. Following Dr. Ersdal’s death, Amber began teaching the Foot Zone Technique to students in Utah in 1996. Through her extensive study of anatomy and the human body, Amber has discovered an additional 100 trigger points on the feet.  Over the years, she has written human anatomy and physiology curriculum to aid her students as they become practitioners. 

Sharla Pearce.png

Sharla became a certified foot zone practitioner through coursework offered at various schools, but was most impressed with the training she received from Amber Jensen in 2005 feeling that she was able to learn most clearly the foundational principles of Dr. Charles Ersdal, father of Foot Zone Therapy, from Amber than anywhere else and choose to partner with Amber in creating the school.  She combined her love of both the foot zone and gem therapy and created the Gemi Zone Technique™ in 2014.  In 2014, Sharla also wrote the Gemi Zone Reference Charts © as a quick reference to the healing properties of gemstones that is a tremendous resource for all kinds of practitioners and people using crystals and stones for their healing properties.

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