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The 5 Elemental Energies
Online Oracle Deck

How does the 5 Element Online Oracle Deck work?

If you have ever used a physical deck of oracle cards, this online oracle deck works in much the same way.

A physical deck of oracle cards contains cards with information and inspiration for your day.  You pick one card at random, trusting to your angels, guides, or the universe to present to you a card with a message that will give you knowledge, understanding, and inspiration that will help you with your day.

With this online oracle deck you simply click the button to spin the wheel and a specific message or quote will be presented to you for your personal daily inspiration.  It is actually quite easy for angels, guides and the energies of the universe to interact with electronics to present specific messages to us. 

The online oracle deck will be updated with new quotes and messages each week to keep things fresh.  Each week will focus on a specific Elemental Energy related to the current season (in the northern hemisphere) with some overlap in seasonal transitions.  This will help keep our individual energies in line with the current prevailing energy of nature around us.

Spring - Wood

Summer - Fire

Harvest & Transitions Between Seasons - Earth

Fall - Metal

Winter - Water

This oracle deck is free for all to use, so come get yourself some inspiration as often as you like!

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