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Booking Sessions

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Single sessions are great for trying something out or if you know exactly what you want and only need one session.

More information about sessions


Package deals offer a big discount on session prices and are great if you know you want/need more than one session for you holistic health care.  Packages can also be shared within a family, so you can buy a package that the whole family can share.

More information about packages

Things to know about Sessions....
Session Info

Sessions are paid for online at time of booking.

Cancellations will be charged a $25 fee if sessions are canceled less that 24 hours in advance, and the rest of the session cost will be refunded.  We understand that life happens, but please understand too that short notice cancellations are hard to fill and result in a loss of income for us. 

You can keep track of the sessions you have booked by creating a free user account.  Click on the user account login at the top right of every page and setup an account.  From your account you can see, reschedule, or cancel your appointments.

If you're not happy, we're not happy!  If you feel that a session you paid for was of no benefit to you, wait 1 week (some sessions need time to integrate) and if you still feel you received little or no value from it you may request a full or partial refund.  Please request the refund within 2 weeks of the session by emailing info@innerbalancehealingarts,com with your name, session day, time, and type, and why you feel you want a refund.

How do Packages work?

Packages are a great way to save money if you or your family know you will want/need more than one session.  Most healing arts will need more than one session to really get things shifting since we are working gently with the body, mind, and energy on a subtle level.  It's not unlike physical therapy in that way.  One session of physical therapy is definitely helpful, but you would never think that one session is all you would ever need to regain the use of a part of your body.  On the more subtle levels new healthy habits need to be repeatedly strengthened and years and years of built up layers need to be cleaned off.

In order to purchase a package you will need to setup a free account on the website.  There is a login bar in the top right corner of every page, or you will be prompted to set one up when you try to purchase a package.  This account allows the system to keep track of the sessions you have purchased.

You can purchase a package by looking at the many packages we have to offer on our Packages & Plans page.  Or go to the session type you are interested in and while trying to purchase a session you will be given the option to buy a package that includes this service.

Once you have purchased a package you can start using it right away to book appointments.  You must be logged in for the website to recognize what packages you have purchased.  You can go to any session type that is part of the package and try to book a session and the website will automatically recognize the package and how many session you still have left in it.

You will also receive an email with your package details from "".  Keep this email handy so you know what you purchased and what types of sessions the package covers.

If you want to see the sessions you have already booked, click on your account login at the top of the page and go to "My Bookings".

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