Reach your healing goals more easily!
Step by Step Programs

We know that our large list of healing art options can seem overwhelming.  So many people want to heal, but get lost in what to chose and where to start, and don't have a lot of time and money to waste figuring it out.

To solve this problem, we have carefully designed several programs with targeted goals to help lead you down the path you want, step by step, and keep you on track.

Each program has a set length of time, a set monthly schedule, and a discounted price for the sessions.

We want you to heal!  We are so excited to offer these programs to help you reach your healing goals more easily.

Programs Offered

We have taken a close look at the most common reasons people come to us and designed specific programs to help make efficient and easy progress with them.  With these programs we have essentially taken the guess work out of what you need to reach your goals!  Please click on a program for more details.

School Supplies

Student Success 

Our Student Success program is a 4 month program designed to help anyone in an active learning environment, child to adult. It helps to harness their strengths, strengthen their weaknesses, and clear energetic blocks, making it easier to learn with less stress and more happiness and peace.  It helps a struggling student grow into a more balanced person able to take advantage of a whole world of opportunities and exciting things available to them.  It helps them be successful in every way

Working Together

Work Wiser

Our Work Wiser program is a 6 month program designed to help anyone reach their goals in a balanced way, allowing abundance to flow to you.  You'll still need to put in some effort to achieve your desires, but you will now be able to do it with more wisdom, balance and ease.  And in time, reaching your goals will look and feel almost effortless.

Girl with Arms Stretched Out

ReFresh - ReVive - Renew 

Life takes its toll on us all.  We all need self-care to replenish our reserves and strengthen what is weak.  This program is designed with 3 levels of care, depending on what level of self-care is needed and desired.  Each level has been carefully designed to maximize benefit according to the number of hours per month undertaken.

Level 1 - ReFresh:  Designed for those who just need a boost or who don't have the ability to do more at this time.  This program will help you feel refreshed!     *4 month program with 2 session hours per month

Level 2 - ReVive:  Designed for those with deeper needs or who are able to do deeper healing work at this time.  This program will help revive those parts of you that are struggling.      *4 month program with 3 session hours per month

Level 3 - ReNew:  Designed for those who need or want deep renewal at every level.  This is our most intensive program and will achieve the deepest results.    *6 month program with 4 session hours per month