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Crystals & Stones

Bringing Light, Love, Support, and Order
How can a crystal or stone help?

Crystals and stones have amazingly ordered molecular structures called latices, and because of this they can absorb energy frequencies, store store energy frequencies, and send out energy frequencies in a orderly coherent pattern.

Each crystal or stone has a different lattice pattern and different properties and so can help in different ways.  Some are great for clearing, some are soothing, and some are energizing.

We are essentially living crystals.  We are around 70% water and because of water's slightly polar molecular charge (as in one side of the water molecule is slightly positive and the other side slightly negative) it naturally forms crystal like lattice structures inside our bodies.  Our bones are also crystal lattice structures and it has been recently discovered that our fascia is also a crystal like lattice structure.  Wow! I estimate that that makes somewhere around 90% of our bodies crystalline in nature.  No wonder crystals and stones effect the human body so much!

The earth itself also has so much crystal structure that it behaves like a giant crystal.  Crystals and stones are here for us to use and they are a great help to any kind of struggle, emotional, mental or physical.

Angela's Qualifications

Angela has loved stones and crystals for as long as she can remember.  As a child (and even an adult) she was always picking up stones, collecting them, polishing them, and treasuring them, not really knowing why.  Then as a student of physics in college she took classes on crystal structure and was once again in awe their amazing properties and how they are capable of absorbing, transmuting and expressing coherent energy.   They can bring order to disorder.


Then when she began her journey into holistic health she was again drawn to the power of crystals and stones.  She has taken classes and acquired a collection of books that have helped her develop her own intuitive abilities to know how a crystal can help a certain situation or which ones can help give support.

To learn more...


Read these books:

The Crystal Bible by Judy Hall

The Book of Stones

Free crystals or stones with every session!

What is a Session like?

A session with crystals and stones involves holding the crystals and stones, placing them on the body at key points, and/or placing them around the body.  Crystals and stones have powerful healing energy all by themselves, but in the session their power will be amplified with sound and light and energy medicine techniques.  Each session includes selecting a few pocket stones (stones of a size you can carry around in your pocket) to best help support you.  The stones will the be used in the session which will cleans and charge them and make them even more powerful for you when you take them home with you.  Additional stones may also be purchased.

Crystal Mini-Session
30 min

A Crystal Mini-Session helps you find and use the crystals and stones that will support you right now.  There are so many beautiful and amazing crystals and stones, it can be overwhelming.  Get help figuring out what what will help with your individual needs.  3 pocket crystals (chosen by you) are included with the session.  All selected/purchased stones will be cleared and charged and if time allows a short session of stones on and around your body will be conducted.

*This session can be done remotely over the phone

*This type of session can be purchased as part of a 30 minute Session Package at a discounted price.

Crystals, Light, & Sound Session
1 hr

A Crystals, Light, and Sound Session involves laying down and having healing crystals and stones surround and lay on your body, then incorporating the power of light (shined through the crystals) and sound (with singing bowls, tuning forks, and music) to amplify the healing energy flowing though the crystals.  The session includes 3 pocket stones (selected by you to support you) to take home that will be cleared, charged and used in the session.

*This session can be done remotely over the phone

*This type of session can be purchased as part of a 60 minute Session Package at a discounted price.

Crystal Chakra Session
1 hr

In a Crystal Chakra Session we use the fact that chakra's respond very powerfully to the energy of crystals & stones.  They help clear blanace and connect the chakras.  A chakra clearing and balancing session will be performed and and 3 pockets stones selected by you will be used in the session and send home with you for further support. 

-More info on Chakras

*This session can be done remotely over the phone

*This type of session can be purchased as part of a 60 minute Session Package at a discounted price.