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Bach Flower Remedies

Like herbs for your emotions
A natural system of stress management
Who was Dr. Bach?

Dr Edward Bach was a Physician, Surgeon, Immunologist, Homeopath, and Herbalist who practiced medicine in England in the early 1900's.  Dr. Bach's greatest desire was to find the purest, simplest, and most effective methods of truly healing his suffering patients.

He spent his life in this pursuit, constantly researching and studying every avenue, and listening to his own inner guidance.  He eventually came to understand that the emotional states of his patients correlated more strongly with their ability to heal than anything else.

With this understanding he set out to find a simple way to help bring a person's emotional state back into balance, thereby lowering the emotional stress on the body and strengthening the body's own amazing ability to heal.

There is no true healing unless there is a change in outlook, peace of mind and inner happiness.
-Dr. Edward Bach
What are the Bach Flower Remedies?

After seeing first hand the toxic side effects of modern medical practices, Dr. Bach knew that the best and purest forms of healing would be safe, simple, non-toxic, and found in nature.  So he left his lucrative medical practice in London, where he was hailed as a genius for his many discoveries and endless pursuit of research, and moved to the peaceful countryside were he soon discovered that the common flowers of the fields held the answers he sought. 


The flower of any plant holds the most vitality and strongest essence of the plant.  Being a very sensitive person himself, Dr. Bach discovered that each different kind of flower helped to balance a different emotional state.

After much effort and many hundreds of patients helped, Dr. Bach compiled a set of 38 flowers that could help balance 38 different harmful emotional states.   These individual flower remedies could be combined to address over 200 million states of mind, covering any out of balance emotional state any person could find themselves in.

How Can I Use Bach Flower Remedies?

Each of the 38 different flowers are made into remedies in a process similar to a homeopathic preparation.  This liquid preparation is then preserved with alcohol in a mother tincture.  Mother tinctures are then used to create stock bottles.  2 drops from a desired stock bottle are then added to a dropper bottle filled with spring water.  It is from this mix bottle that doses are taken.  Up to 7 different remedies may be added to the same mix bottle.

The system is simple enough that anyone can use them with a little education on the effects of each remedy.  Stock bottles can be purchased and used to make mix bottles on your own.

Rescue Remedy is the most well known Bach Flower Remedy and is the only permanent mix Dr. Bach ever created.  It is a remedy to be used in an emergency situation when there is no time to figure out a more specific remedy.  It can be used as a temporary emotional band-aide to calm the nerves and clear the head.


Wonder which healing modality to start with?  We recommend staring with Bach Flowers!

If your emotions are balanced, all other work will be more stable.

Can easily be done over the phone. 

Take a free online class to learn more

What is a Bach Flower Session like?

Though the system is simple and cannot cause any harm, a session with a practitioner is useful when first becoming familiar with the remedies.  A trained practitioner is helpful in discovering underlying emotional causes that the client may not have been aware of and in helping to decide between similar remedies in a particular situation.

Bach Flower Remedy Session
1 hr

A full 1 hour session involves discussing with the practitioner anything the client finds troubling with their life and what kind of emotional patterns they would like to shift.  For example: being less fearful, being more confident, having more patience, etc...  Then the practitioner will recommend and explain the effects of different possible flower remedies and the practitioner in partnership with the client will decide which flower remedies to put in the mix.   The client will then take the dropper bottle mix (included in the cost of the session) and it will last approximately 3 weeks with regular use.

*This session can be done over the phone.  Simply state that you would like to do it over the phone in the "Additional Information" section when booking.

*This type of session can be purchased as part of a 60 minute Session Package at a discounted price.

Bach Flower Remedy Mini Session
15 min

A 15 minute mini-session is useful after a full session to get a refill of a current remedy mix that is still working well.  The refill is included in the cost of the session.

*This session can be done over the phone.  Simply state that you would like to do it over the phone in the "Additional Information" section when booking.

*This type of session can be purchased as part of a 30 minute Session Package at a discounted price.


We have been using the flower remedies Angela recommended for my son for over a year now and they have been a Godsend!  My son's panic attacks and uncontrollable behavior have become so much more manageable and his overall emotional behavior more balanced.  Thank You!  Thank You!  Thank You!          -J.M., Utah

Angela's Qualifications


Angela has been through all 3 levels of training offered by the Bach Center and is a certified Bach Flower Remedy Practitioner (BFRP).

Angela is highly empathic and has been a student of human emotion for as long has she can remember.  She finds that navigating the pathways of a person's emotional journey and locating imbalances that are causing difficulties in a loving and non-judgmental way is almost as natural as breathing.

To learn more...


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The Essential Writings of Dr. Edward Back by Dr. Bach

The Original Writings of Edward Bach by Judy Howard

The Bach Remedies Workbook by Stephan Ball

The Bach Flower Remedies Step by Step by Judy Howard

The 38 Flower Remedies

Though the essence of each flower remedy is more intricate, the following chart gives the basics of each.

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