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The 5 Elemental Energy

This page contains 5 separate quizzes, 1 for each of the 5 Elemental Energies.

These quizzes are designed to give you an idea of how high a particular energy is for you compared to the other ones.  The goal isn't to get 100/100 on every quiz, but rather to see the energies in relation to each other.

If the energies with the top 2 scores are the same top 2 energies you receive on the 5 Energy Personality Quiz then you can be fairly certain that these 2 energies are the strongest energies for you and are responsible for most of your personality traits and interaction with the world.  If they are not the same, some deeper exploration may be needed.

Once you have taken all the quizzes (and hopefully the combined Personality Quiz)  and have a good idea as to your top 2 energies, as well as some idea as to the order of the other 3, find your personality profile and see how well you feel it matches up for you.

If you struggle with answering any of these questions try these suggestions:

  • Look back on the last month and try to take an average

  • If you are older, try to answer the question as you would have in your late 20's

  • Ask someone else what they think is the best answer for you, often an outside eye can see what is hard for us to see

  • Come back and try taking the test again on another day when you are happier, less stressed, or feeling more like your normal self (especially if you think might be strong in Fire energy)

*No quiz is 100% accurate. I estimate these quizzes to be about to 80% accurate

*To increase the accuracy of your results, take all 5 quizzes as well as the 5 Energy Personality Quiz and see if you got similar results

*These quizzes will be less accurate for children as they are not energetically fully baked, so to speak

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