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Metal Energy
The Energy of Refinement

Peace can only come as a natural consequence of universal enlightenment

Nicola Tesla

Metal Energy is:  The Energy of Refinement and Structure

Primary Virtues:  Refinement, Letting Go (of what doesn't server highest good)

Stress Emotions:  Grief, Emotional Detachment

Personality Archetypes:  Queen/King, Scientist, Ballerina, Saint, Knight, Samurai

Animal Metaphor:  House Cat (intelligent, graceful and aloof)  

Vehicle Metaphor: Limousine or Rolls Royce (for the most refined tastes)

Affiliated Colors:  White, Silver, Gray

Organs:  Lungs, Large Intestine

Sensory Organ:  Nose (turn up your nose if its not good enough)

Season:  Fall (when the trees let of the leaves that no longer serve them and show the beautiful structure underneath)

Country Cultures Strong in Wood Energy: Switzerland, Asian (especially Japan)

Stainless Steel

Metal is the energy of refinement and structure just as the metal we use to give structure to things must first be refined....

Common Personality Traits:

  • Thrive in structure and rules

  • Detail oriented and logical

  • Seeks perfection and enlightenment

  • Graceful and elegant if in balance, robotic if out of balance

  • The best or nothing (if they can't have the best, then they want nothing)

  • Unsentimental

Common Personality Strengths:

  • Integrity

  • Good boundaries

  • Letting go of what doesn't serve highest good

  • Perfecting skills

  • Cool and collected, even in a crisis

Common Personality Challenges:

  • When under stress they either feel sad at the loss of perfection or if emotions become too overwhelming they detach from their emotions and act from only logic

  • Self-righteousness

  • Perfectionism

  • Can be very hard on themselves as they try to live by their high ideals

  • Don't do well with emotions (their own or others)

If Metal Energy is either very strong or very weak for you, working towards balancing this energy will give you more joy and peace in life and greater efficiency and effectiveness in all you do.


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