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Wood Energy
The Energy of Growth

Good things come

to those who sweat

Wood Energy is:  The Energy of Growth

Primary Virtues:  Work Ethic, Benevolence (doing good for others)

Stress Emotions:  Frustration, Anger

Personality Archetypes:  Pioneer, Trailblazer, Warrior

Animal Metaphor:  Dog (strong, loyal, protective and with a purpose)  

Vehicle Metaphor: Truck (getting the job done)

Affiliated Color:  Green (like the growth of new plants)

Organs:  Liver (the organ with hundreds of jobs), Gallbladder

Sensory Organ:  Eyes (see the big picture)

Season:  Spring (the time of accelerated new growth)

Country Culture Strong in Wood Energy: USA

Wood is the energy of growth and doing, and nowhere is that expressed better than in a lush green jungle.


Common Personality Traits:

  • Confident, persistent, and hard working at accomplishing goals and just getting things done in general. 

  • Checking things off to-do lists gives great satisfaction, but being stuck on something brings frustration as they are unable to move on

  • Cares a lot about fairness and justice

  • Pushes boundaries, pushes change

  • Desires success and growth in life

Common Personality Strengths:

  • Benevolence: working toward the good of others 

  • Getting the job done!

  • Very loyal and fiercely protect loved ones or anyone perceived as weaker and in need of protection

  • Believes strongly in the value of good hard work

  • Excellent visual skills, quick to see what’s wrong, out of place, or inefficient

Common Personality Challenges:

  • When under stress (which is much of the time) they fall easily in the frustration or anger

  • Can be very hard on themselves

  • Can be overly competitive (even if its just with themselves)

  • Has trouble being still

If Wood Energy is either very strong or very weak for you, working towards balancing this energy will give you more joy and peace in life and greater efficiency and effectiveness in all you do.


To learn more about Wood Energy:

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