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Earth Energy
The Energy of Nourishment

We are better


Earth Energy is:  The Energy of Nourishment

Primary Virtue:  Compassion

Stress Emotions:  Worry (for well-being of loved ones)

Personality Archetypes:  Caregiver, Gardner, Parent

Animal Metaphor:  Golden Retriever (huggable, loyal, friendly, kind) 

Vehicle Metaphor:  Mini Van/Full-sized Van (the more the merrier)

Affiliated Color:  Golden Yellow/Brown like rich soil

Organs:  Stomach, Spleen (pancreas)

Sensory Organ:  Mouth

Season:  Harvest

Country Cultures Strong in Earth Energy: Italy, Canada, much of Africa


Earth is the energy of nourishment, connection, and support as all things are nourished, connected and supported by the earth.


Common Personality Traits:

  • Loves comfort and loves to comfort others, especially with food 

  • Loves to nourish (people, animals, plants, the earth, etc.) physically and emotionally with food, love, teaching a skill, assisting things to grow

  • Desires to be connected to family/community and loves to feel like they have a secure place in a group

  • Loves to host gatherings (game night, barbeques, dinners, birthdays, Thanksgiving) with family/friends/neighbors/co-workers

  • Work steadily like good worker bees and are motivated by fulfilling needs, nourishing and nurturing.

Common Personality Strengths:

  • Compassion for others difficulties

  • Loves to serve and feel helpful

  • Good at nurture lasting relationships and are the glue in friendships and other relationships

  • Provides stability for others

  • Good huggers!

Common Personality Challenges:

  • When under stress they worry over the well-being of their love ones and worry that they are not doing enough to help

  • Not very good at taking care of themselves because they are always taking care of others

  • Extreme avoiders of contention and will try to diffuse it an any cost, especially with food 

  • Difficulty letting go of toxic relationships, can become co-dependent

If Earth Energy is either very strong or very weak for you, working towards balancing this energy will give you more joy and peace in life and greater efficiency and effectiveness in all you do.


To learn more about Earth Energy:

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