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Water Energy
The Energy of Truth

Truth is simple,

Truth is beautiful


Water Energy is:  The Energy of Truth, Wisdom, Cleansing, Patience, and Healing

Primary Virtues:  Wisdom, Courage, Humility, Patience, Gentleness

Stress Emotions:  Fear (for personal physical or emotional safety)

Personality Archetypes:  Innocent Soul, Philosopher, Sage, Poet, Professor, Wise Elder, Oracle

Animal Metaphor:  Turtle (wise and with its own slow rhythm)  

Vehicle Metaphor: A classic like a Model-T (slow but steady and no fancy bells and whistles)

Affiliated Color:  Blue and Black (like the ocean and its depths)

Organs: Kidneys, Bladder (the organs that deal with the water in the body)

Sensory Organ:  Ears (truth resonates or rings true)

Season:  Winter (the time of rest and rejuvenation)

Country Culture Strong in Wood Energy: Polynesian countries & Hawaii (Asian countries also strong in Water)


Water is the energy of truth, wisdom, depth, cleansing and healing, like the ocean


Common Personality Traits:

  • Deep and slow and thoughtful, like a turtle, or a slow underground river  

  • Infinitely curious, loves to read and has an unquenchable desire to study and learn

  • Prizes deep universal truth and wisdom above all else

  • Very sensitive to words (what you say AND how you say it)

  • Needs a lot of alone time

  • Needs to live life in the flow of truth

Common Personality Strengths:

  • Benevolence: working toward the good of others 

  • Purity of nature

  • Courage (being afraid and doing it anyway)

  • Very artistic and creative

  • Willpower

  • Good a resting and sleeping

Common Personality Challenges:

  • When under stress they fall easily into fear for their own personal physical or emotional safety

  • Very introverted, shy

  • Can have a hard time staying awake and engaged with the world

  • Good with ideas and starting new project, but not good at finishing projects

If Water Energy is either very strong or very weak for you, working towards balancing this energy will give you more joy and peace in life and greater efficiency and effectiveness in all you do.


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