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 Fire Energy
The Energy of Enjoyment




Fire Energy is:  The Energy of Enjoyment

Primary Virtue:  Love

Stress Emotions:  Anxiety, Panic

Personality Archetypes:  Entertainer, Comedian, Ray of Sunshine, Optimist

Animal Metaphor:  Dolphin (happy, fun loving, social, jumps around)  

Vehicle Metaphor: Sports Car (FAST & FUN!)

Affiliated Color:  Red (Hot Fires of Joy!)

Organs:  Heart, Small Intestine

Sensory Organ:  Tongue (very expressive)

Season:  Summer (Hot but Fun!)

Country Cultures Strong in Fire Energy: Latin American Countries


Fire is the energy of enjoyment and love, like the flames of a bright, warm fire!


Common Personality Traits:

  • Fast and full of joy 

  • Have more fun than anyone else

  • Love people, extroverted

  • Desires to live life to the fullest and experience everything enjoyable!

Common Personality Strengths:

  • Full of love for everything and everyone 

  • Good at making others laugh and feel happier

  • Able to easily laugh at themselves

  • Good at finding the bright side of things

  • Good at taking time to enjoy the wonders of life

Common Personality Challenges:

  • When under stress their energy gets too high and causes feelings of anxiety and even panic

  • Avoids anything painful or boring and seeks out distraction

  • Wear their hearts on their sleaves and can be easily hurt

  • Unrealistic overly-optimistic expectations

If Fire Energy is either very strong or very weak for you, working towards balancing this energy will give you more joy and peace in a life full of love and all the most enjoyable things.


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