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Free Consultation

Free Consultation
20 分

Get help deciding which healing arts best compliment your goals.

*This sessions can be done over the phone

Why do we offer free consultations?

We truly only want to help people heal and we don't want people to waste money on something that is not right for them.  Angela is happy to meet with people for free to explain what she does and help people decide what they might be right for them.

Why would I need a free consultation?

We highly recommend anyone new to Inner Balance Healing Arts to come in for a free consultation!

If you are new to holistic healing modalities, come in and find out what they are and how they work.

If you can't decide which healing modalities to begin with, come in for a discussion of your needs and desires and to learn more specifics about the healing arts practiced here.  We have so many tools!

Come and meet Angela and see if her style and methods might work for you.   She would love to meet you!

What is a Consultation like?

After looking through this website, come prepared with any questions you have and Angela will be happy to explain anything to you and show you what is involved in the various healing modalities she practices.

Angela's Qualifications

Angela is certified in nearly a dozen healing modalities and on top of that has read and extensively researched many other things that have no certification.  She has spent years in intense study and research and tens of thousands of dollars to learn as much as she could about the true root causes of ill health. 

Her absolutely favorite thing to do is help people find healing so they can live a life of purpose and joy.

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