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5E Emotional Clearing

Release your Emotional Baggage

An emotional clearing session involves identifying around 20 trapped emotions and clearing them from the body and energy system.  The focus of the session can be centered around a specific physical or emotional issue, a heart wall, or we can simply ask the body what it wants to have released the most for better overall wellbeing.

This type of session can be done in the clinic, as a distance session over the phone, or by email correspondence with the focus selected in advance and the results emailed at the end of the session.

A Generational Emotional Clearing Session is exactly like a standard emotional clearing session except that the focus will be on clearing trapped emotional energy inherited from ancestors.  These types of trapped emotions will be cleared from you, the ancestral line it came down through (including parents and grandparents), and any of your descendants that inherited it from you.


What is a Trapped Emotion?

We all have emotions and every emotion has an energetic frequency as well as a chemical makeup.  Emotions are meant to be felt, processed, and pass through us.  However, many times they are not completely processed, either because they were overwhelming and we couldn't processes them all the way, or because there was a physical or energetic weakness in the body so the emotion got stuck.

These trapped emotions are always resonating with the original emotional frequency that generated them and so they can effect us on an energetic, physical, and/or emotional level.  Because they disrupt our energy pathways, they lead to a disruption in our physical systems.  But because they are also resonating with a particular emotional frequency they can very much effect our emotional state.  For example some one with a lot of trapped fear can end up being in a fearful state much of the time for no really good reason, or a person with a lot of trapped anger can find themselves feeling angry much more easily than they should.

Trapped emotions can also be inherited from our parents, just like our genetics.  Kind of like energetic genetics.

The average adult has around 600 trapped emotions, including a Heart Wall and around 200 inherited trapped emotions.  Releasing trapped emotional energy not only gives our body a greater capacity to heal, but it also frees us emotionally to be our truest selves.

What is a Session like?

Emotional Clearing sessions are simple and short.  Both client and practitioner sit while the trapped emotions are identified by through muscle testing and cleared by running a canceling energetic frequency down the back (which is the Governing Meridian used in acupressure/acupuncture) to dissipates the energy of the trapped emotion.

Because of the energetic shifting and processing involved, the body will only allow the release of around 20 emotions in a session.  How many are released is up to the person's body and subconscious.  After a processing time of usually a few days, more trapped emotions can be released.  

Emotional Clearing sessions can also be done as a distance session over the phone, or by email correspondence with the focus selected in advance and the results emailed at the end of the session.


What is a Heart Wall?

Our hearts are the center of our emotional body and they are very sensitive.  If they experience something traumatic then the heart can build an energetic wall around it to protect it from harmful emotional energy.  However, this wall also deadens the feelings of joyful emotions as well as hurtful ones and can leave us feeling disconnected from others and preventing us from being our authentic selves.  Heart wall energy is made up of trapped emotional energy that has been pulled from elsewhere in the body.  

Heart walls are sometimes necessary to get people through traumatic situations, but if they do not dissolve on their own they can leave people feeling dead and disconnected, plus all of their emotional interactions, both in and out, have to go through the distorted filter of the trapped emotional energy surrounding the heart. 


Removing a heat wall frees our hearts emotionally to allowing us to give and receive love and other emotions in a purer form and allows us to make connections with others.  We can finally know the true desires of our hearts, be our authentic selves, and begin to live our lilfe's purpose.


Nearly everyone over the age of 8 has some kind of heart wall. 

Any Emotional Clearing session can by used to help clear a heart wall.  On average it takes around 10 session to fully remove a heart wall.

What is 5E Emotional Clearing?

5E (5 Element) Emotional Clearing is a combinations of two amazing healing philosophies: Emotions Code and the 5 Elemental Energies.

5 Elemental Energy theory is the most precise and complete explanation of human emotion.  Taking this understanding of human emotion and combining it with Dr. Bradley Nelson's Emotion Code techniques for clearing trapped emotional energy from the body creates an even more powerful method of identifying and releasing trapped emotional energy.

What is the Emotion Code?

The Emotion Code is a simple but powerful method that releases trapped emotional energy stuck inside a person's body.  It was developed by Dr. Bradley Nelson, who while working as a chiropractor began to understand that disease and pain were caused by imbalances in the body and that if you could correct the imbalances the problems would go away on their own.  He also discovered that by far the most common imbalances were being caused by trapped emotional energy disrupting the normal function of the body.

He was led to develop a simple method for identifying and releasing these trapped emotions, restoring the body's ability to function and allowing healing to occur.  This method is now called the Emotion Code.

What are the 5 Elemental Energies?


The 5 Elemental Energies are a beautiful, comprehensive, precise and fundamental part of ancient Chinese medicine.  Learn more

The mind and body are inextricably connected, with our thoughts and emotions exerting a powerful influence on our health.
-Dr. Bradley Nelson

Who is Dr. Bradley Nelson?

Dr. Bradley Nelson was cured of an incurable kidney disease at the age 13 by holistic doctors and this sent him down the path of becoming a holistic health practitioner himself.  He eventually became a chiropractor.  While practicing as a chiropractor he realized that imbalances were at the root cause all all illness, and began to learn how to bring the body back into balance, especially focusing on the trapped emotional energy he had discovered in the body.

During the last 10 years of his practice he specialized in working with people who had "incurable" diseases.  He told these patients, “I don’t treat diseases. I don’t claim to cure diseases. I simply try to find the imbalances that are going on in the body. I believe that the symptoms that you are having are because of imbalances that are going on in your body. If we can find those imbalances, and fix them, perhaps your symptoms will go away.”  The vast majority of these patients got well.

Then, as much as it saddened him to leave his practice, he knew that the methods he had developed didn't belong just to him and that he needed to teach them to others so that they could bring healing to themselves and others.  He published the book "The Emotion Code: in 2007 and began teaching others how to use the Emotion code methods and certifying practitioners.  The Emotion Code is now practiced all over the world.

Angela's Qualifications

Angela is a certified Emotion Code Practitioner.  She personally has experienced the benefits of this simple, but powerful modality and knows that removing her heart wall and releasing troubling trapped emotions was a tremendous help to her a long her path to health and becoming a holistic health practitioner.

She is also an expert on the ancient Chinese healing philosophy of the 5 Elemental Energies and the emotional effects.

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Read: The Emotion Code by Dr. Bradley Nelson

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