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Anxiety, Depression & PTSD

Depression, Anxiety, and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder are all very real and are experienced by most of us to one degree or another. The root causes can range from sever traumatic experiences, toxicity in the brain, nervous system, or liver, and can even be inherited (such as in the well documented cases of children and grandchildren of holocaust victims).

But there is so much hope! So much help out there and so many very helpful tools for getting past these debilitating emotional states. Some very effective tools are EFT, Emotion Code, detoxing, 5 Element balancing, and Bach Flower Remedies.

This post will focus on Bach Flower Remedies which are nature’s simple but effective way of balancing stressful emotional states. Developed by, Dr. Edward Bach Physician, Surgeon, Immunologist, Homeopath, and Herbalist who practiced medicine in England in the early 1900's. Dr. Bach came to understand through much research and clinical practice that a person’s emotional state correlated more strongly with their ability to heal than anything else and set out to discover how nature could effect a person’s emotional states. He found the answers in the beautiful flowers of the fields.

He eventually discovered 38 different flower remedies that correct 38 different out of balance emotional states. He also developed Rescue Remedy which is a combination of 5 flowers meant to be a kind of emotional band-aid to get you through when time is of the essence and there isn’t the ability to figure out a more targeted combination.

Rescue Remedy is invaluable for anyone to have on hand for those situations when emotions like anxiety, depression, and PTSD seem to be spiraling out of control and need immediate attention. It is also good in any emergency.

You can purchase Rescue Remedy on Amazon.

For true healing the root emotions need to be discovered and addressed with specific flower remedies taken regularly to bring those states back into a better balance.

Here is a list of possible remedies that can help depending on the individual person’s needs:

  • Mimulus: for the fear of a known thing

  • Aspen: for a general anxious feeling for no apparent reason

  • Rock Rose: for extreme terror

  • Cherry Plum: for the fear of losing control

  • Honeysuckle: for a mind that dwells on the past too much

  • White Chestnut: for repeated thoughts that won’t switch off

  • Mustard: for feeling down in the dumps for no reason

  • Gentian: discouragement after a setback that can lead to depression

  • Gorse: the feeling of hopelessness

  • Star of Bethlehem: for comfort from the suffering that comes from the effects of trauma

  • Elm: for the feeling of being overwhelmed

  • Pine: for the feeling of guilt and blaming yourself

  • Sweet Chestnut: for the feeling of deep despair and anguish

  • Agrimony: for hiding your troubles with a smile instead of dealing with unpleasant feelings

For more information on Bach Flower Remedies and a full list of remedies, visit the Bach Flower Remedy page on our website.

Angela is a certified Bach Flower Remedy practitioner and if you would like her help selecting a personal remedy mix, sign up for a session. Sessions can also be done over the phone.

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