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The Piezoelectric Effect

Because of their molecular structure, crystals, such a quartz, are able to turn one kind of energy into another. This property is used in watches, microphones, ultrasounds, lighters for gas stoves, and those cool shoes kids wear that light up when they walk.

This is called the piezoelectric effect and it happens because of the precise, but asymmetrical, unit structure of a piezoelectric type crystal, such a quartz, and what happens to it when an energy is applied.

When a physical pressure is applied, a current can flow. The reverse is also true. In the presence of an electromagnetic field, the crystal becomes slightly deformed as if it is being physically pressed.

So what does this mean for Energy Medicine? People who are very sensitive to energy know that crystals are very powerful energy emitters, but probably don’t know why. The piezoelectric effect is just one very well understood example of a crystal’s ability to effect and be effected by energy and how it can take one kind of energy and turn it into another. It all has to do with the amazing repeating precise molecular structure of a crystal. They are truly powerful tools for working with just about any kind of energy energy.

Other important crystalline structures used in Energy Medicine include

Water: molecular structure behaves like a liquid crystal

The Earth: so full of crystal structures that is has many crystal properties

Bone: is a crystalline structure that generates energy every time pressure is applied

Fascia: connective tissue that runs through the entire body and is based on a crystal structure

So you can see that the earth and most of the human body (water, fascia, bone) all have the properties of a crystal and therefore are easily effected by the action of another crystal like a quartz crystal. Amazing!

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