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    True healing comes from being balanced in all aspects of life.  Physical, mental, and emotional.

    Physical, mental, and emotional stresses are at the root of most ill health and emotional problems.  These stresses come from many sources and can throw all areas of health off balance.


    At Inner Balance Healing Arts we believe that bringing the body, mind, and heart back into balance allows the body to restore its own amazing ability to heal.

    We believe that each of us have important and wonderful things to do in our lives, but Illness can stop us in our tracks, and prevent us from living the life we could be living.


    At Inner Balance Healing Arts, we love what we do!  It is the most fulfilling work to partner with someone on their healing journey and help them regain their health and well-being, not just for their sake but because there is a ripple effect that occurs when someone is healed. Their life, fully lived, touches many other lives in a endless healing ripple.

    I hear you! 
    I see you! 
    I believe in you!
    You are powerful!
    You are enough

    You can heal!  It is withing your reach! And because each person's healing journey is unique, we offer many different healing tools to help you.

    Please explore what we have to offer and see what resonates with you.

    At Inner Balance Healing Arts we work on the physical, emotional, mental, and energetic levels.  We seek out imbalances and work with you at restoring balance so that you can live a happy, healthy life with energy and peace, able to do the things that you truly want to do.

    Healing modalities and services we offer:

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