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    Eden Energy Medicine

    Everything is Energy
    Who is Donna Eden?

    Donna has been able to see and feel the body's subtle energies since she was born.  In fact it wasn't until she was 20 years old that she realized not everyone saw it!

    Being a very sensitive individual she became very ill with Multiple Sclerosis and was in a wheel chair for a year at age 30, but she was bound and determined to raise her two daughters and so when she noticed that she could move energy from one part of her body to another with her hands, she was slowly able to heal herself.  Now she knew that the energy she saw all around her wasn't just beautiful, but it could be used to help people!  And so she began learning about ancient healing techniques an discovered that most of the energies she saw had already been documented and explored and had names like chakras, and meridians.

    She became a world renowned energy healer and people constantly begged her to write a book, and with the help of amazing husband, David, the book Energy Medicine came to be, detailing the 9 energy systems Donna clearly sees operating in the human body and how to interact with them.

    Their book was a huge success and people wanted to learn to practice energy medicine the way Donna did and learn her techniques and so the Eden Energy Medicine practitioner certification program was created.

    Donna is considered a genius in the energy medicine world and she is as pure and joyful a soul as you will ever meet.

    "Energy Medicine brings you vitality when you are drained, health when you are ill, and joy when you are down."
    -Donna Eden
    What is Eden Energy Medicine?

    Eden Energy Medicine uses many techniques that Donna Eden has found over the decades and thousands of clients to work most effectively at bringing the 9 energy systems of the body back into balance.  Many of these techniques are gleaned from ancient healing traditions and many others Donna developed herself out of necessity.

    Disease is usually found in the energy systems first, then it moves to the cellular level and then to the organ and system level where it is finally noticed.  And in turn, putting the energy systems back in balance can help bring balance to the cells and help the body to heal.

    Angela's Qualifications

    Angela is currently a student practitioner in Eden Energy Medicine.  She will be completing the 2 year practitioner certification program in early 2019.

    Angela loves to work with the subtle, but powerful energies of the body.  She is gentle and respectful when working with a client's energies and knows that the body's innate wisdom and the energy's inherent intelligence are ultimately in charge.  She knows that while she is a facilitator of what needs to be done, ultimately the client is the healer.

    As a student practitioner she is offering all Eden Energy Medicine sessions at 1/2 price.  Prices will go up when certification is complete.

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    Powerful techniques for deep healing from a brilliant pioneer in energy medicine

    for modern times!

    What is an Eden Energy Medicine Session like?

    Eden Energy Medicine practitioners have many tools and techniques for working with the body's energy system, so every session is different, though each session will usually begin with an assessment and stabilization of the body's most basic energies followed by a deeper look at what is out of balance.  The session is guided by energy (muscle) testing  that allows the body to show what is going on and prioritize what needs to be worked on first.  

    A session usually involves the client laying on a massage table, fully clothed, so that the practitioner can have easy access to the energy systems.

    Eden Energy Medicine Intake Session
    1 hr 30 min

    An Intake Session involves the client and practitioner getting to know each other, filling out an intake form together and discussing why the client has come.  Then an energy assessment and a session on the table will be conducted.  An Intake Session is required before a Full or Standard Session.

    Eden Energy Medicine Full Session
    1 hr 30 min

    A Full Session can be scheduled anytime after an Intake Session and involves a brief discussion with the practitioner followed by general balancing and a full session on the table with time to go deeply into the energy systems.

    Eden Energy Medicine Standard Session
    1 hr

    A Standard Session can be scheduled anytime after an Intake Session and involves a brief discussion with the practitioner followed by general balancing and time to do some deep session work on the table.

    Eden Energy Medicine Kids Session
    45 min

    An Eden Energy Medicine Kids Session does not require an Intake Session and is perfect for kids and young teens.  Kids have hard time laying still for long and their energies shift so fast that unless there are major issues, a shorter session is all that is needed.

    Eden Quick Energy Balance/Stress Relief
    45 min

    An Eden Quick Energy Balance/Stress Relief Session does not require an Intake Session and is a general balancing of all the energy systems with out any deep work on specific areas.  It is a great way to try out Eden Energy Medicine or to just get a quick tune up.  It is very relaxing and a great energy massage.  Relaxing light touch is involved.

    Eden Energy Medicine Hormone Balancing
    1 hr

    An Eden Energy Medicine Hormone Balancing Session uses specific Eden Energy Medicine techniques developed to help with hormone balancing.  It strengthens and clears certain area of the energy system that are directly related to the hormone producing glands, supporting those glands in doing their very important jobs.

    Eden Energy Medicine Chakra Session
    1 hr

    An Eden Energy Medicine Chakra Balance Session uses Eden Energy Medicine techniques to clear and balance chakras.

    -More Info about Chakras