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More Things in Heaven and Earth

I love this quote from Shakespeare’s play “Hamlet” because I keep learning how true it is. There is so much in this world to discover than we could ever possibly learn. My study of physics taught me that.

I have also learned that when we think we know everything, we really know nothing.

And when we know that we know nothing, that is the beginning of wisdom.

The picture I put with this quote is one of my favorites. It is the Hubble Ultra Deep field and it always makes me cry with an overwhelming feeling of wonder. They pointed the Hubble telescope at a teeny-tiny seemingly dark patch of space with no known stars or anything and set the exposure for a very long time. Every brilliant NASA astronomer was astounded with what it picked up. There are over 10,000 galaxies in this picture. Every point of light you see in this picture is not a star, it is a galaxy containing billions of starts. The universe is truly more vast than we could ever comprehend.

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