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Release Excess Worry with Acupressure

In traditional Chinese Medicine the stomach governs the emotion of worry. And if you've ever felt worried you know how it makes your stomach feel!

Stomach Meridian is the energy flow that feeds the stomach and is connected to it. Stomach Meridian acupressure point number 1 (ST-1) sits right on the bony orbit of the eye socket underneath the middle of each eye. If there is excessive worry these points will often be sore as excess energy from worry pools there.

To release the energy, and also the worry, take 2-3 fingers and rub or tap the points with medium pressure until the soreness dissipates. This will help release the trapped energy and send it through the stomach meridian to its end at the second toe, releasing the excess energy and worry into the ground.

The next time you feel worried give this a try, it will release unnecessary worry, bring more peace, lower stress, and potentially avoid a stomach ache or head ache (or help relieve one).

These points are often called the Worry Points in Eden Energy Medicine and are a part of Donna Eden's Daily Energy Routine for a quick balance of most of our energy systems. Donna, who can see energy as clearly as you are reading this post sees how powerful these points are in keeping our energy balanced in this crazy, stressed world.

Donna's whole Daily Energy Routine that takes less than 10 minutes can be found on youTube.

Angela is a Eden Energy Medicine Certified Practitioner.

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