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The Amazing Apple!

Just because they are common doesn’t mean they aren’t a super-food. This amazing and abundant fruit is perfectly designed to:

  • lower inflammation: contains anti-inflammatory phytochemicals

  • strengthen brain function: contains phytochemicals and nutrients that the brain needs.

  • assist the body with detox: by detoxing the liver which can then process more toxins stored elsewhere in the body

  • fight weight problems: by helping to detox the liver which then allows the body to let go of fat cells

  • cleanse the colon: the pectin in apples is the ultimate colon cleanser

Apples are also extremely hydrating because the water inside them contains precious trace minerals in a crystalline living water matrix. The best water in the world comes from living fruits and vegetables. The plants have made this water not only full of nutrients, but also structured in a way that is more absorbable and usable by our body.

And of course Apples, are rich in nutrients, phytochemicals and the right kind of sugar for your body, the kind of sugar that is attached to phytochemicals that fight cancer and disease. In fact this kind of sugar kills cancer cells because when the cancer cell brings this sugar inside itself, the cancer killing phytochemicals attached to the sugar immediately begin to kill the cancer cell.

Organic, wax free, red apples (the red skin has anthocyanidins that increase digestive strength) are the most beneficial, but all apples will support good health.

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