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This crystal grid base is 4” across and features a beautiful combination pattern of the powerful Flower of Life sacred geometry pattern with several Metatron's Cubes embedded.  It is a wood base with the pattern laser etched into the wood.    


You can add a Central Grid Crystals Pack to your base that will help you get started with a grid or amplify any crystal grid.  The package contains 6 small clear quartz points, one selenite cube, one small clear quartz pyramid, and a clear quartz wand point.  See the side tab for more details.


Grid bases give you a stable platform on which to lay out your grid, allowing them to be moved easily.  They also enhance the power of the grid by adding the frequency of sacred geometry to the energy of the grid, like an amplifier.  They also assist in laying out your grid in a geometrically symmetrical way to help the stones work together more powerfully.


The Flower of Life is a repeating geometric pattern that is considered one of the most powerful sacred geometry patterns.  The Flower of Life encompasses all and is said to be the basic template of everything in existence.  All frequencies and all geometric patterns can be found within it.  It symbolizes the unity and interconnectedness of all things.  This sacred geometry pattern has been used by ancient cultures across the world for as long we have recorded history and is found on many ancient and sacred buildings.

You can use crystals and stones you already have to build your grid, or you can inexpensivly add crystals and stones to your order from our online store in our Crystal Grids section. 


For this Flower of Life pattern we recommend a minimum of 4-6 stones of your choice for an inner or outer circle, plus a center stone.  But you can add as many stones as you like to the grid.  A good way to do it is to add expanding rings of 6 crystals to this grid.  2 rings is an average size but this grid can hold more rings.  This listing shows pictures of several grid examples.  


To learn more about the properties of common crystals/stones you may like to add to your grid, visit the Crystal & Stone Descriptions page on our website.

Crystal Grid Base - Metatron Flower of Life - Wood - 4"

$9.00 Regular Price
$8.00Sale Price

About Crystal Grids


Crystals are powerful, pure energy tools that we can use to support and amplify the power of our own intention. These crystals are here on this earth for us to use as tools, to support us, if we desire to use them.


Because of their unique and geometrically precise molecular structure, crystals, such as quartz, are able to turn one kind of energy into another. This property is used in watches, microphones, ultrasounds, lighters for gas stoves, and those cool shoes kids wear that light up when they walk.  This phenomenon is known in physics as the piezoelectric effect.


But crystals don’t just work with energy in the electromagnetic spectrum (as is well understood by science); they also work with all levels of subtle energy. This means we can use these tools to amplify the energetic power of our own thought energy, or intention. The crystals can then hold and transmit that intention 24 hours a day. That is truly powerful! Think of what you could accomplish if you could hold a single intention all day long, day after day! While we as imperfect beings are realistically unable to constantly hold a specific intention day after day in a busy world that pulls us in all directions, crystals are perfect structures that can do this for us.


A single crystal or stone is a powerful tool, but when combined with other stones and crystals in a way that amplifies their energy fields, such as in a grid, they can be even more powerful! This makes use of the property in physics known as resonance (energy frequencies supporting each other to create an even bigger frequency).


Crystal grids may seem complicated and overwhelming at first, but they don’t need to be. They can be simple and still very powerful! Crystal grids simply rely on the principle of using crystals in a geometric pattern to support each other energetically, and the pattern can be a simple as a circle or a square. That’s really all you need to know! From there you can build on that foundation to amplify and refine the power of the grid.


Here are some simple ways you can amplify the power of a grid:

  • Use a Grid Base with a Geometric Pattern: One way to amplify the power of a grid is to use a grid base with a powerful geometric pattern. Examples of powerful geometric patterns are the Flower of Life, the Seed of Life, Celtic knots, and Fibonacci (or golden ratio) spirals. These patterns are well known to be energy amplifiers of the crystals in the grid.
  • Choose Specific Stones: Choose specific stones for your grid known for certain properties. While all crystals and stones are capable of holding the intention you give them and transmitting it, each stone also has a natural vibration that it gives off, and if that vibration is in alignment with the intention of your grid, it will amplify the power of your grid. For example, rose quartz is well known for assisting the heart and for giving off the energetic vibration of pure love. So, If you were to create a grid for the intention of bringing more love and harmony to your home, adding rose quartz to the grid would amplify the power of your intention by adding the natural frequency the rose quartz gives off.
  • Charge it with Selenite: Selenite is like solid moonlight.  It can charge any stone and keep any stone energetically clear. Use selenite in your grid, or keep it close by your grid, to naturally amplify the grid's power and keep the intention pure and clear and charged.
  • Intentional Charge with Energy: You can setup a grid that simply relies on the inherent vibrations of the stones within it. This is already a wonderful grid! But, you can also charge the grid with the power of your intention by simply focusing your intention on the grid. This can be done through meditation, prayer, or with any energy modality that teaches energy emission in some form (such as Reiki or Medical Qigong). A grid intention can also be set by simply putting a piece of paper under it with the intention written on it. Words are powerful!
  • Use a Crystal Antenna: Place an antenna like crystal at the center of your grid to broadcast more strongly the power of the grid. This is often done with pyramids and crystal points.
  • Energetically Connect the Stones: Make sure the stones are all energetically connected together by using a crystal point in your hand and with a slight pressure on it (to turn on the piezoelectric effect) draw figure 8’s (infinity signs) between and around the crystals to give them a stronger connection.


But remember, please don’t get lost in the minutia of grids, they really are not that hard. If the only thing you do is a lay out a few crystals in any pattern, they will automatically go to work for you! 


All the crystal grid bases and sets sold in our come with simple instructions to follow in setting up and using your grid.

For more information on crystals and grids visit the Crystal Grid Basics page on our website

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