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Properties of Crystals & Stones

Each is a Unique Energetic Expression!
Tools we can choose to use

The beautiful crystals and stones of the earth are powerful tools we can use to help us be more energetically, emotionally, and physically balanced.  Unlike, humans, they are perfect structures and excellent energy conductors.  Though using crystals and stones may seem a bit woo-woo at first, I promise there is nothing magic about it.  Truly Everything is Energy, just as Einstein proved, and crystals are no exception.  What is, however, exceptional about them is their purity.  You will find nothing on this earth with as pure of an energetic expression as a crystal.  We can use the energetic vibrations they give off to bring our own energy into better balance and alignment, like a tuning fork sending off a vibration that can start another tuning fork vibrating at he same frequency.  Like any tool, they are here for our use, we just have to choose to use them.

Do different types of crystals/stones really have different properties?

Yes!!!  Though it may not seem so at first.  Over time, as you work with the stones, you will begin to feel and know the different energetic assistance each stone or crystal can offer.  They work primarily on a subtle energy level, though their impressive electromagnetic properties are well understood by science.  Click here for more information the science of that.

Each type of crystal or stone has an affinity for different energies.  Humans can most easily see this difference with our sense of sight as different crystals reflect different wavelengths of light in the electromagnetic spectrum.  But, their differences go well beyond this into the subtle energy levels, though the visual properties of a stone are a huge clue as to what their energetic properties are and stones of a similar color usually have similar, though not identical, properties.

What is the difference between a crystal and a stone?

Though both words are often used interchangeably, there is a difference.  I often get asked this question, so I wanted to explain from a physics standpoint what the difference is.  Here are the definitions:

Stone: a hard solid nonmetallic mineral matter of which rock is made

Crystal: a piece of a homogeneous solid substance having a natural geometrically regular form with symmetrically arranged plane faces.

A crystal has a precise geometrical molecular structure that is the same throughout (homogeneous) with flat planar faces.  Quartz, salt, and sugar are all crystals.  It is this perfect precision of structure that makes crystals so energetically powerful.

A stone is any piece of solid earth substance that is made up of a composition of minerals.  Stones are not the same molecular structure throughout, which is part of the definition of a crystal.  Does that make them less powerful that solid crystals?  No!  Because a stone can contain many different crystals working together in a matrix.  They are not less powerful tools, just different with different useful properties.

quartz point.png
ocean jasper.png
Properties of Common Crystals & Stones

For those new to crystals & stones, it can often be overwhelming to figure out which ones might be helpful to you personally.  There are literally thousands of different classifications of crystals and stones.  In an effort to make entering the world of crystals & stones a little less daunting, here is a list of many of the most commonly used stones and how they can assist you.  And please remember, that you will often be drawn to a stone that you need at the moment, like the energetic attracting power of north and south pole magnets.  Honor that intuition that is within you and it will help guide you.

For more information on the properties of crystals and stones, a great book to have on hand that is simple, accurate and not overwhelming is The Pocket Book of Stones 

amethyst points 3.jpg

Key words:peace, enlightenment, intuition, clear negative emotions, spiritual protection, meditation

This crystal brings peace and enlightenment, and has an affinity for the 3rd Eye and Crown Chakras.  It strengthens intuition and connection to the divine, and helps clear negative emotional patterns.  It offers spiritual protection and purification and can project an energetic shield, like a bubble of light.  It is a great aide in meditation and assists to still ones’ thoughts and move thought energy to higher levels of consciousness.  Fosters balance and well-being.

bloodstone polished.png

Key words:blood purifier, forgiveness, courage, detox, vitality, balance, physicality, courage, noble sacrifice, endurance

This stone is a blood purifier and radiates the frequency of forgiveness and the release of that which does not serve.  It helps build physical and emotion strength and courage.  It brings vitality and assists with purification, having a strong affinity for detoxification, especially of the liver and endocrine system. It dispels negative influence, brings wholesome balance, and grounds one in the physical body, while aiding in facing physical issues.  It is good for help with any illness, and supports the vibration of noble sacrifice, courage, endurance, and solace in difficulties.  It stimulates the highest altruistic self and has a strong affinity for the Root, Solar, and Heart Chakras.

blue quartz polished.png
Blue Quartz

Key words:healing, soothing, clarifying, true expression, clear breath

A stone of emotional and physical healing, capable of soothing emotional and physical wounds.  Brings a peaceful energy and is very soothing and clarifying.  It has as strong affinity for the Throat and 3rd Eye Chakras and is able to support knowing your own mind and expressing it with gentle clarity.  Also clears the breath and lungs of stagnant energy, supporting clear expression.

carnenian polished.png

Key words:creativity, support, courage, vitality, fertility, confidence, passion, personal power

This stone is great for igniting all three lower chakras plus the heart. Its strongest affinity is for the Sacral Chakra where it gets the fires of creativity going.  It also supports and stimulates the Root Chakra in bringing supportive energy to the creative expression of the Sacral Chakra, while at the same time supporting and stimulating the Solar Plexus Chakra with the self-confidence to bring creative desires out into the world.  It also gets the fires of the heart going to support the desires of the heart through creative expression.  It helps bring courage, vitality, fertility (physically and creatively), and gentle confidence.  It brings an influx of life force and creative energies, builds confidence, courage, passion and personal power.  It can help regain strength after illness and bring an overall zest for living. 

celestite geode.png

Key words:angelic, elevates, inner vision, uplifting, communication, meditation

This stone has a strong affinity for the spiritual realms.  It can help make a connection with the angels and calls on them for assistance while at the same time helping to build one’s ability to communicate with them.  It brings serenity, helps clear negative attachments, elevates awareness, and increases inner vision and intuition.  It has a gentle uplifting energy and is a source of soft positive energy.  It has a strong affinity to 3rd Eye and Crown Chakras, and excellent for meditation.

citrine natural point.png
citrine polished stones.png

Key words: empower, inspire, cleanse and detox organs, confidence in creativity, clarity, optimism, playfulness

Empowering and creative, this stone has a strong bright energy that strengthens both the inner strength of the solar plexus chakra and the creativity of the sacral chakra.  Use it to bring confidence and creativity into your life and in manifesting what you want to bring into the world.  It is also a great stone to help with detox and cleansing.  It supports the manifestation of the true will, and supports the vibrations of optimism, playfulness, and decisiveness.  It helps bring clarity of thought, creativity and purpose as it helps remove that which is clouding the judgement.  It is helpful in awakening creativity, power of self, stimulation of mind, and visual acuity as it supports the Solar Plexus, Sacral and 3rd Eye Chakras.   

quartz point.png
green aventurine.png
jade light polished stones.png
labradorite polished stones.png
moonstone polished stones.png
Clear Quartz

Key words: pure light, amplification, connection to spiritual realm, memory, clarity


The pure structure of clear quartz lets it transmit clearly any other energy.  It is able to amplify any intention and is highly programmable.  It is by far the most versatile and multipurpose stone.  It supports the memory, nervous system, enhances clarity, aides in communication with spiritual realms.    A stone of pure light, it brings heightened spiritual awareness.  It amplifies the energy of other stones and is the perfect base for any energy tool, including crystal grids. Has a strong affinity for the Crown Chakra.


Key words: soothing, connecting, intuition, expression, clarity, higher heart, peace


A healer’s stone.  This multicolored stone helps with all Yin energy issues.  It is soothing to the mind, heart and gut.  It brings deep intuition into creativity and expression and allows the heart to be expressed through both physical creativity and words.  With its strong link to intuition, it supports knowing the deeper aspects of things.  It is a peace bringing stone as it helps clear confusion, cluttered thoughts and negativity while enhancing mental facilities.  It brings balancing to the 3rd Eye, Throat, Heart and Sacral Chakras which brings peace to mind, body and heart.  It helps with subtle decision making in the finer details of life, and helps the mind access spiritual realms and the higher heart (or seat of the soul).  It also assists the Throat Chakra with clear communication of ideas.

Green  Adventurine

Key words: strength of heart, optimism, peace, prosperity, move forward, lightness, stabilizer


A strong supporter of the Heart Chakra.  It strengthens the heart without over exciting it, helping it to find its true desires. It supports vitality, growth, general healing, knowing your heart, the heart as an organ, optimism, self-confidence, peace, and brings an increase of life force.  It is also known for bringing good fortune and prosperity as it supports the heart in manifesting its desires by moving forward with confidence into challenges with lightness and humor.  It is a great emotional stabilizer for life’s ups and downs.

Jade (light)

Key words: deep healing, soothing, abundance, spiritual aide, gentle joy, well-being, balance, nature

A deeply healing stone to body, mind, and soul.  It soothes the heart and the mind.  It is known for bringing both health and abundance.  It is a spiritual aide to heart and supports opening to joy and enjoying life without becoming too attached to the emotional world.   It has a heart of healing, with a strong and steady vibration of wellbeing and balance, encouraging a steady flow of Chi, life force energy.  It helps regulate the menstrual cycle on a physical level.   It carries the vibration of nature and can help you connect to nature even when you can’t be out in it.  It draws directly on the earth’s life force energy and helps balance and harmonize the Heart Chakra with vibrations of prosperity, peace, oneness, and loving kindness to all (including self). 


Key words: intuitive, mental, sending messages, inner work, dreams

This stone amplifies our mental and intuitive abilities and gifts.  It amplifies the effect of prayers, aids in doing inner work, facilitates strong dreams and even visions, increasing one’s ability to recognize seeming “coincidence” and helping to manifest our dreams.  It looks like energy made solid, like a battery waiting to be tapped into.  If there were a stone that contained the seeming “magical” energies of the universe, it is this one.


Key words: dreams, intuition, tranquility, divine feminine

This stone helps bring connection to our dreams and beyond.  It helps to inspire us and to connect us to our intuition.  It has an affinity to the Crown Chakra and the 3rd Eye Chakra.  It promotes self-discovery, dreams, intuition, tranquility, and inner patience.  It has a strong connection to the divine feminine energy of the moon and helps energetically regulate the menstrual cycle.  It encourages inner reflection, attunement with divine feminine, and reveals hidden truths in the deepest part of ourselves.  It possesses the light of consciousness and promotes inward journey and meditation deep into self.  It assists in bring back lost parts of self, also known as soul retrieval.  It is full of feminine power and helps with embracing feminine energy in both men and women for wholeness and balance.

slowflake obsidian polished stones.png
Obsidian (Snowflake)

Key words: grounding, cleansing, processing, insight, physical, protection

All obsidian is deeply grounding and supportive of the Root Chakra, helping us ground our feet to the earth energetically.  It helps us be physical, mentally and emotionally hear in the now.  As we are present in the now, we feel the support of the earth and all that it gives to us.  We also feel the support and protection of our community, wherever our community may be.  Like an energetic vacuum cleaner, it is excellent at cleansing negative and disharmonious energy.  It aids in bringing the shadow self forward to be gently processed.  It has a strong energy of protection.

Snowflake Obsidian brings with it insight in processing and receptivity to healing.  It aids us in making the best of a bad situation, seeing the silver lining in the dark cloud so to speak, and in inspiring new ideas to improve one’s condition.  It increases intuitive sensitivity enabling one to notice synchronicity as it helps point the way to one’s higher path.  It can help with recall of past forgotten events especially those that are affecting present difficulties, along with the insight to overcome and release them.

pyrite stones.png

Key words: abundance, vitality, empower, positive action, confidence, will power, mental clarity, logic

This stone has a strong energy of abundance and vitality.  Use it to attract abundance into your life in whatever form you are in need of.  It also has an affinity for the Solar Plexus Chakra and is very empowering with a strong divine masculine energy.  It radiates the vibrations of confidence, willpower and a positive “can do” attitude.  It also supports you in taking positive action, overcoming anxiety, strengthening mental clarity and focus, and helping to establish new patterns of positive energy.  Its structure is cubic in form and is strong in logic and intellectual energy.

red jasper polished stones.png
Red Jasper

Key words: protection, physical strength, endurance, grounding

This stone supports the fires of safety and protection in our Root Chakra.  It brings us strength and the understanding of our own root power, so that we need not be afraid.  It supports physical strength, recovery from physical illness, the circulatory and muscular systems, builds endurance and stamina, enhances physical memory, and is stabilizing which leads to good health and a balanced emotional state.  It supports just actions and down to earth nobility.  It aids in releasing negative energy into the earth and in drawing up increased life force energy from earth, connecting to the earth in a vitalizing way.  This stone works more gradually but more permanently that many stones.

rose quartz.jpg
Rose Quartz

Key words: pure unconditional love, divine love, peace, beauty, gratitude, gentle joy

This stone has an affinity for the heart and radiates the property of unconditional love.  It is a soothing stone which brings peace and pure love as it strengthens and heals the heart.  It united the heart to pure divine love for self and for all around you, and bring the love that comes from gratitude.  It also connects you to the heart of the earth.  It can penetrate to the cellular level, reprogramming cells with the vibration of  love and joy, rather than despair and death.  Its strongest affinity is for the Heart Chakra, but every chakra in need of more love will respond favorably to it.

selenite raw.png

Key words: moonlight, cleansing, charging, raise the vibration, purifying

This stone is like moonlight made solid.  It can clear and charge any other stone.  It is pure.  It is cleansing in every way.  It can help put you in touch with higher vibrations and higher realms.  It is excellent to use with all crystal grids and tools, and is a powerful tool all on its own.  It clears disruptive, negative, and irregular energies from anything, and can raise the vibration of anything to a higher purer vibration.  Its softness and support of all other crystals shows its connection the divine feminine energy, just like the moon.  An essential stone to have on hand as it is the easiest way to clear and charge other stones and energy fields.  It has an affinity for the 3rd Eye and Crown chakras, though it can be used to clear any chakra.

shungite raw.png

Key words: protection, grounding, detox, shielding, peaceful sleep, intelligence

Shungite has the unique property of being able to absorb ions, including those generated by electromagnetic frequencies (EMF) from all manner of electronic devices.  It is by far our best protector of EMF, though many are unaware that it needs to be grounded to release those ions into the earth or it will get full.  It is also electrically conductive and therefore extremely grounding and detoxing as it works on both the subtle and electromagnetic levels.  It helps clear us of negative and disruptive energies, shielding us from them and allowing our body to rest more easily and to get better sleep.  It has special organic compounds in it called fullerenes that gives it its special ion absorbing properties, and therefore has an organic intelligence to it that most stones don’t possess.  

sodlalite polished stones.png

Key words: honest expression, courage, mental clarity and insight, logic, connections

It has a strong affinity for the Throat Chakra in supporting honest expression.  It brings the vibration of courage to express your own truth, mental clarity and insight to know your truth, and allows dispassionate logical analysis of self, motivations, desires, strengths weaknesses, gifts and personal life path.  It can sparks “aha!” moments when one sees the pattern that connects a piece of the puzzle.

tiger eye polished stones.png
Tiger Eye

Key words: Internal power, balance, fairness, vitality, practicality, discernment, harmony, stamina, creativity, grounding, calm

This stone supports the yin aspect of the solar plexus chakra.  It brings a gentle internal support of individuality and power without being too aggressive or ego driven.  It is also a stone of abundance.  With its light and dark aspects, it helps to balance between extremes.  It brings vitality, a sense of fairness and practicality, discernment, emotional harmony with others, creativity and clarity.  It helps one take effective action while remaining calm and grounded, enhances stamina, energizes the body to accomplish the imperatives of the will, and lends strength to overcome discouragement and fatigue.  It opens the mind to embrace paradox, to find the center between all types of polarities, and assists in seeing both sides of an issue.  It has an affinity for the Solar, Sacral and Root Chakras, with more of an internal yin energy than many other stones aligned with those chakras.

unakite polished stones.png

Key words: balance, peace, joy, release, forgiveness, heart, liver, circulatory

This brings balance to the heart like none other.   The heart has an affinity for both pink and green and Unakite contains both colors.  The green brings peace and the pink brings gentle joy.  Together this is what a balanced heart should be.  This stone helps the heart remove turmoil and truly know what it desires, allowing the heart to be at peace with those desires and express those desires without fear or attachment to outcome.  This stone helps release past hurt and makes forgiveness easier so that one can move on with life.  It has an affinity for the Heart Chakra and is also great for the circulatory system as is supports both the heart and liver energies.

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