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This listing is for medium polished red jasper stones, approximatly 1" in size.  These stones are excellent for use in crystal grids or energy work of any kind.


You may purchase a single stone, a set of 4, or a set of 6.


Red Jasper key words: protection, physical strength, endurance, grounding


This stone supports the fires of safety and protection in our Root Chakra.  It brings us strength and the understanding of our own root power, so that we need not be afraid.  It supports physical strength, recovery from physical illness, the circulatory and muscular systems, builds endurance and stamina, enhances physical memory, and is stabilizing which leads to good health and a balanced emotional state.  It supports just actions and down to earth nobility.  It aids in releasing negative energy into the earth and in drawing up increased life force energy from earth, connecting to the earth in a vitalizing way.  This stone works more gradually but more permanently that many stones.

Red Jasper - medium polished stones - single or sets

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