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This kit contains the stones and crystals onlye from our full Home Energy Clearing Kit to help keep the energy in your home clear.


It contains:

  • 2 50mm shungite cubes
  • 1 grounding cord
  • 1 8" tall selenite lamp
  • 4 4" tall selenite skyscraper points


2 Shungite 50mm cubes

Shungite has the amazing ability to absorb ionic radiation for EMF generating electronics.  We can’t see it, but our environment is polluted with these energy disruptive ions that lead to energy and nervous system agitation, stress, and lowered healing and immune response. 


Getting rid of this pollution helps us live better in this age of seemingly inescapable technology and help keep our body and energy systems in balance, leaving our bodies with one less stress to deal with.


Place these 2 cubes together somewhere in the center of your home, or close to your electronics, to help rid your home of these damaging ions.  But please remember that shungite can fill up and needs to be drained by either connecting directly with the earth or through a grounding cord plugged into a grounded wall outlet. 


This is enough shungite to keep clear a medium sized room in a home, so place it where it will be most useful.


Grounding Cord

This cord is to be used to constantly drain the accumulated ions out of your shungite.  Simply cut a small piece of foil and attach the alligator clamp to it, then place the shungite on top of the foil and plug the other end of the cord into the grounding slot on your wall outlet.


Selenite Lamp

Selenite has the amazing ability to clear any disruptive energy and the light in a selenite lamp makes the effect reach further.  It is also quite beautiful and soothing.  Place this lamp somewhere in the center of your home where it can cleanse the surrounding energy.  You can also place crystals and stones next to this lamp to cleans and amplify their power.


4 Selenite Skyscraper Point                                                                                                    Place these smaller towers in the corners of your home.  They will connect with the stronger energy of the lamp and form a powerful energy clearing grid.


Home Energy Clearing Kit - Stones only

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