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A synergistic blend of herbs for the liver & gallbladder.


Both the Liver & Gallbladder play an important part in a healthy digestive system. The liver is vital to detoxifying our body & helps in making & storing hormones.


These days, with the consumption of processed 'fast foods', & leading stressful lives, many suffer from poor digestion & assimilation of nutrients in our food, as well as elimination problems, hormonal imbalances & a weakened immune system. Therefore it is vitally important to take care of our Liver & Gallbladder for optimum health.


Dr. Christopher's Liver & Gallbladder formula supports the proper function of the digestive system, particularly the liver & gallbladder.

Dr. Christopher's Liver & Gallbladder Formula - 2 oz. glycerin extract

$16.99 Regular Price
$11.49Sale Price

2 ounce glycerine extract

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