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This kit has the stones and crystals only from our full Be at Peace Kit to help support a feeling a peace, no matter what is going on.


This kit contains:

  • 2 Rose Quartz raw crystals (1.5-2")
  • 2 Amethys raw points (1.5-2")
  • 1 worry stone (2")
  • 1 selenite piece (4" tall skyscraper, 8" long charging plate, 8" tall lamp)
  • optional additional worry stones



Rose Quartz

Sends out a vibration of pure love that brings peace to the heart.



Sends out a vibration of clarity that brings peace to the mind.


Worry Stone

Any stone can help take the energy of our troubles from us, but a worry stone is a specific shape that fits nicely in the hand with a groove for the thumb to sit in.  As the thumb rubs the groove, you can literally push your excess worries, and other troubles, into the stone. Just remember to clear the stone out from time to time by putting it next to selenite for at least 20 minutes or by running it under cold water.


We have an assortment of stone types for our worry stones.  Any kind of stone will work, but if you have a particular desire for a type or color of stone, leave it in the order notes and we will try to accommodate.


You may also order additional assorted worry stones.



The stones in this kit are to be kept close to or on the selenite piece of your choice. The selenite will charge the stones and amplify their effect as well as keep them clear of negative energies. Selenite is like having a piece of solid moonlight always around to clear and charge any energy.


You can choose from a 4” tall skyscraper point, an 8” long charging plate, or an 8” tall lamp. While all will work well, the lamp will have the most power, reaching the farthest energetically, and looks very beautiful as it glows.


Be At Peace Kit - Stones only

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