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Life Path Session

Life Path Session
1 hr
This session is a combination of talking, energy work, and teaching.  Angela will use her gifts to read the information your life path is currently communicating, she will also begin to teach you how to tap into the information yourself and hookup energy systems to make this information easier to access.
Find you path to greatest fulfillment
What is your Life Path?

At the moment of conception Divine placed within each of us information and guidance about our personal life path.  This is not fate but rather information about what we came to do and learn in this life that will lead us to our greatest personal fulfillment and happiness. 

What would a Life Path session do for me?

There are so many choices and paths in this life, but which ones are the one that will lead you to your personal greatest peace, happiness and fulfillment?  This session will begin to help answer those questions.

Angela's Qualifications


Angela has always been able to read her own life path information and now after dedicated study and personal work her gift has opened up further to be able to read the information being presented by other people's energies.  She loves helping people find their greatest happiness in this life and teaching them how to read their own information and keep themselves walking their beautiful personal path.

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