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Health Guide

You don't need to journey alone
What is a Health Guide?

A Health Guide a someone who is has been down the path of ill health from a standard lifestyle and come out on the other side, kind of like a river guide that leads you through the rapids.

Why would I want a session?

If you know you need to make changes, but don't know where to start, or are confused by the wealth of conflicting information out there, or you have been trying but are now stuck, come get the advice and guidance that you need to make the progress you desire. 

Angela's Qualifications


Angela has been a dedicated student of what truly makes us healthy and happy for the past decade.  Not only is she proficient in all the healing arts listed on this website, but she has read hundreds of books and dredged the websites, blogs, podcasts, and interviews of the worlds leading experts, and even though they aren't all saying the same thing, Angela has spent tens of thousands of dollars to learn the best information available.  She has used her research skills as a physicist and her innate intuitive ability to distill things down into simple truths to get at the root causes of ill health.

Food, emotion, exercise, electromagnetic radiation, toxins...Angela has researched and tested it all and would love to share what she has learned to help you on your own personal healing journey.

What is a Session like?

At a Health Guide session, the floor is yours to ask any questions you have about health & wellness and get solid well researched, personally tested advise.  From food to EMF radiation, if it effects our health, chances are Angela has studied it, weeded out the fads and gotten to the bottom of it.  And if you stump her with something she hasn't seen before, she would be happy to research it and get back to you.

Health Guide Session
1 hr

At a Health Guide Session we will explore together any areas of health & wellness that are troubling you.  You get to ask any questions you may have to help you get through the maze faster.

*This session can be done over the phone

Health Guide Mini-Session
30 min

A Health Guide Mini-Session is just a shorter session for if you have less questions.

*This session can be done over the phone

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