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Guidance/Training Session

Guidance/Training Session
1 hr

Receive personalized guidance and training on your path forward in areas of health, energy systems, lifestyle, and personal gifts.

*This session can be done over the phone

What is a Session like?

With hundreds of voices telling you to do hundreds of different things, which path is right for you?  And once you find the path, what are the first steps?

At a Guidance/Training Session, you will receive the benefit of long years of study, research, testing and training, all personalized according to your unique path toward your happiest, healthiest, most balanced self.

These sessions can cover anything from food to herbs to energy techniques to lifestyle changes to eye opening perspective shifts according to what is most needful to help you reach your goals.

You don't need to journey alone
Why would I want a session?

If you know you need to make changes, but don't know where to start, or are confused by the wealth of conflicting information out there, or you have been trying but are now stuck, come get the guidance and training you need to make the progress you desire. 

Angela's Qualifications


Angela has been a dedicated student of what truly makes us healthy and happy.  Not only is she proficient in all the healing arts listed on this website, but she has read hundreds of books and dredged through the information of the worlds leading experts.  She has spent tens of thousands of dollars to learn the best information available.  She has used her research skills as a physicist and her innate intuitive ability to distill things down into simple truths to get at the root causes of sickness and unhappiness.

Food, emotion, exercise, stress, toxins, energetic imbalances...Angela has researched and tested it all and would love teach you what she has learned to help you on your own personal journey.

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