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Selenite Polished Sphere - 40-50mm


Stone spheres are very powerful for stimulating the pressure points on the bottom of the foot, and the hands. The technique is described in our Simple Foot Zone Reflexology Kit.  Selenite is amazing for cleansing any energy at the same time as providing the pressure.  Selenite is a softer stone than most stones and can be worn down or broken more easily, but will last a long time with proper care. 


These selenite spheres are also a beautiful addition to any stone collection and looks magnificent in a bowl with other stones, while they cleanses and recharge the other stones.


Selenite has the amazing ability to clear any disruptive energy in the body.  It is like moonlight made solid.  When shaped and polished it can be rubbed on the skin, and is able to clear blockages in the body’s energy systems by rubbing it on the area of the blockage, restoring the free flow of energy and often dissipating pain.


Selenite key words: moonlight, cleansing, charging, raise the vibration, purifying


This stone is like moonlight made solid.  It can clear and charge any other stone.  It is pure.  It is cleansing in every way.  It can help put you in touch with higher vibrations and higher realms.  It is excellent to use with all crystal grids and tools, and is a powerful tool all on its own.  It clears disruptive, negative, and irregular energies from anything, and can raise the vibration of anything to a higher purer vibration.  Its softness and support of all other crystals shows its connection the divine feminine energy, just like the moon.  An essential stone to have on hand as it is the easiest way to clear and charge other stones and energy fields.  It has an affinity for the 3rd Eye and Crown chakras, though it can be used to clear any chakra.

Selenite Polished Sphere - 40-50mm

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$10.00Sale Price
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