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This listing is for small polished rose quartz stones, approximatly 1/2 inch in size.  These stones are excellent for use in crystal grids.


You may purchase a single stone, a set of 4, or a set of 6.


Rose Quartz key words: pure unconditional love, divine love, peace, beauty, gratitude, gentle joy


This stone has an affinity for the heart and radiates the property of unconditional love.  It is a soothing stone which brings peace and pure love as it strengthens and heals the heart.  It united the heart to pure divine love for self and for all around you, and bring the love that comes from gratitude.  It also connects you to the heart of the earth.  It can penetrate to the cellular level, reprograming cells with the vibration of  love and joy, rather than despair and death.  Its strongest affinity is for the Heart Chakra, but every chakra in need of more love will respond favorably to it.

Rose Quartz - small polished stones - single or sets

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