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This listing is for medium raw pyrite stones, approximatly 1" in size.  These stones are excellent for use in crystal grids or energy work of any kind.


You may purchase a single stone, a set of 4, or a set of 6.


Pyrite key words: abundance, vitality, empower, positive action, confidence, will power, mental clarity, logic


This stone has a strong energy of abundance and vitality.  Use it to attract abundance into your life in whatever form you are in need of.  It also has an affinity for the Solar Plexus Chakra and is very empowering with a strong divine masculine energy.  It radiates the vibrations of confidence, willpower and a positive “can do” attitude.  It also supports you in taking positive action, overcoming anxiety, strengthening mental clarity and focus, and helping to establish new patterns of positive energy.  Its structure is cubic in form and is strong in logic and intellectual energy.

Pyrite - medium raw stones - single or sets

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