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This listing is for medium polished jade (light) stones, approximatly 1" in size.  These stones are excellent for use in crystal grids or energy work of any kind.


You may purchase a single stone, a set of 4, or a set of 6.


Jade (light) key words: deep healing, soothing, abundance, spiritual aide, gentle joy, well-being, balance, nature


A deeply healing stone to body, mind, and soul.  It soothes the heart and the mind.  It is known for bringing both health and abundance.  It is a spiritual aide to heart and supports opening to joy and enjoying life without becoming too attached to the emotional world.   It has a heart of healing, with a strong and steady vibration of wellbeing and balance, encouraging a steady flow of Chi, life force energy.  It helps regulate the menstrual cycle on a physical level.   It carries the vibration of nature and can help you connect to nature even when you can’t be out in it.  It draws directly on the earth’s life force energy and helps balance and harmonize the Heart Chakra with vibrations of prosperity, peace, oneness, and loving kindness to all (including self). 

Jade (light) - medium polished stones - single or sets

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