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This simple kit contains just the energy tools from our full Immune Support Kit (plus a citrine stone) and can be used to keep the energy of your immune system strong


This kit contains:

  • Rescue Remedy 1oz amber glass dropper bottle
  • Polished Selenite Wand 6"
  • Polished Citrine stone (1.5-2")


Rescue Remedy 1oz amber glass dropper bottle

Contains Dr. Bach’s famous Rescue Remedy formula (Cherry Plum, Clematis, Impatience, Rock Rose, and Star of Bethlehem flower remedies) which is the #1 selling natural stress relief product in the world. This bottle is a personal mix bottle style that is mostly water as opposed to a stock bottle style that contains a high amount of brandy alcohol. The alcohol in stock bottles or in standard Rescue Remedy spray bottles from the store is high in alcohol as a preservative, but has a strong taste that makes it difficult for kids to take. This bottle is mostly water, like a regular personal mix bottle, and is easy to take, but has a room temperature shelf life of 3 weeks or a fridge shelf life of 1 year.


To use, take 4 drops by mouth from the bottle as needed. Or for a particularly stressful day, add the 4 drops to any liquid and drink through the day for a dose with every sip.  Stress is well known to lower our immune systems.  Keep your stress levels low to keep your immune system high.


Polished Selenite Wand

Selenite has the amazing ability to clear any negative or disruptive energy. You can use the polished wand to rub on the body to remove energy blockages or wave it through the aura to clear any energy stuck there. The energetic vibration of pathogens can get stuck in our auras for up to 7 days, waiting for a chance for us to be weak enough to get in. This can be cleared out with the selenite.



A powerful immune system stimulating stone that is also good for cleansing and detox. Hold it, put it in your pocket, place it at your solar plexus, add it to a crystal grid, or simply place it in your home somewhere.

Immune Support Kit - Energy tools only

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