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Want to increase the vibrations of Love & Harmony in your home or other space? This kit has the love and harmony supporting stones from our full Love & Harmony Kit.


This kit contains:

  • 2 Rose Quartz raw crystals (1.5-2")
  • 2 Fluorite polished stones (1.5-2")
  • 1 Red Jasper heart shaped stone (1")
  • 1 selenite piece (4" tall skyscraper, 8" long charging plate, 8" tall lamp)
  • optional additional heart stones



Rose Quartz

Sends out a powerful vibration of pure, unconditional love, influencing all other energies around it.



Sends out a powerful vibration of peace and harmony influencing all other energies around it to vibrate in a similar manner.


Red Jasper Heart Shaped Stone

Red Jasper has a strong affinity to the root chakra in grounding and allowing negative energies to drain. It also helps strengthen the heart. The heart shape of this stone means that its energy field is also heart shaped. Heart shaped energy fields strongly influence the extra-ordinary meridian system which is tasked with bringing joy and balance to our other energy systems.


Additional Heart Shaped Stones

You may add on 4 additional assorted heart stones to add a stronger resonant effect on the extra-ordinary meridian system.



The stones in this kit are to be kept close to or on the selenite piece of your choice. The selenite will charge the stones and amplify their effect as well as keep them clear of negative energies. Selenite is like having a piece of solid moonlight always around to clear and charge any energy.


You can choose from a 4” tall skyscraper point, an 8” long charging plate, or an 8” tall lamp. While all will work well, the lamp will have the most power, reaching the farthest energetically, and looks very beautiful as it glows.

Home Love & Harmony Kit - Stones only

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