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This kit comes with only the energy medicine tools and books part of our full Energy Medicine Kit.


This kit contains:

  • Energy Medicine Kit from Eden Energy Medicine
  • The Little Book of Energy Medicine by Donna Eden and Dondi Dahlin
  • A Selenite palm stone



Energy Medicine Kit from Eden Energy Medicine

Come learn the basics of Energy Medicine that you can do at home as taught by Energy Medicine Pioneer, Donna Eden, who has been able to see the 9 energy systems of the body clearly since birth.


Over her decades of practice, and in healing herself, helping thousands of clients, and training hundreds of practitioners, she has seen what techniques are most needed in this modern day and simplified them so that anyone can do them. This kit is the simplest and easiest way to get started with Energy Medicine and in keeping your own energy systems balanced.


Come learn the unspoken language of your body to boost your energy levels, address many specific health problems, and foster your overall well-being. You begin by learning a powerful Daily Energy Routine that combines simple movements, pressure point massage, and breathwork to create a reservoir of “vital life force” that yo