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A synergistic blend of Mullein Leaf & Lobelia Herb for the glandular system. 

The Glandular System is a network that communicates with the body's adrenal, thyroid, pancreas & pituitary gland. Many emotional & physical issues are caused from hormone imbalance & weak glands. There is no doubt that our glandular system can get out of balance, especially when it is not taken care of with good nutrition & lifestyle habits. Mullein is one of the most important herbs for influencing our glands & Lobelia is a 'thinking herb that aids the body where needed.

Dr. Christopher's time tested Glandular System formula supports the body's glandular functions.

Also available in capsules.

Dr. Christopher's Glandular System - 2 oz. massage oil

$17.99 Regular Price
$12.25Sale Price

2 oz. Massage Oil

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