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Central Grid Crystals Pack


This package contains all the crystals you need to be the backbone of any grid. They will charge and amplify any grid you choose to make.


This package contains a small .75" clear quartz pyramid to be the central broadcasting antennae. Quartz has a perfectly symmetrical molecular structure that allows it to absorb and transmit energy very well.


The pyramid sits on top of a 1" selenite cube. Selenite is an amazing stone that is like solid moonlight. It can keep any stone charged and cleared. It will help keep your grid charged and cleared of negative energy so only the purest intention is broadcast.


The package also comes with 6 small clear quartz crystal points (1-1.5") that are placed around the grid to help guide the energy of your grid to the central quartz pyramid antennae to be broadcast.


And finally it comes with a medium sized quartz point wand (2-2.5") that will be used to energetically connect every stone in the grid to the central antennae.

Central Grid Crystals Pack (quartz & selenite)

$12.00 Regular Price
$10.00Sale Price
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