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This listing is for small polished carnelian stones, approximatly 1/2 inch in size.  These stones are excellent for use in crystal grids.


You may purchase a single stone, a set of 4, or a set of 6.


Celestite key words: angelic, elevates, inner vision, uplifting, communication, meditation


This stone has a strong affinity for the spiritual realms.  It can help make a connection with the angels and calls on them for assistance while at the same time helping to build one’s ability to communicate with them.  It brings serenity, helps clear negative attachments, elevates awareness, and increases inner vision and intuition.  It has a gentle uplifting energy and is a source of soft positive energy.  It has a strong affinity to 3rd Eye and Crown Chakras, and excellent for meditation.

Celestite - small polished stones - single or sets

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