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Prayer Boxes

A Place for your Prayers
What is a Prayer Box?

A prayer box has many things in common with a crystal grid, but its specific purpose is to carry the power of your prayers and broadcast the energy of those prayers 24 hours a day.

A prayer box doesn't need to be anything fancy, simply a box that you can place pictures or pieces of paper with the names of people and things you are praying for in it.

Typically, crystals and stones are placed on top of the box, often in the form of a grid, to help hold the intention and power of your prayers and to also continually broadcast the energetic intention of your prayers 24 hours a day, though crystals and stones are not necessary. To learn more about crystal grids visit the Crystal Grid Basics page on this website.


How do I use a prayer box?

It's easy!  Just write down the names of the people or things you are praying for and put that in the box.  You can also put pictures in the box.  Put any crystals in the box that you want to assist you, but that you don't necessarily want on the top of the box (like a heart stone or piece of selenite).  Then put the lid on the box, and place a crystal grid on top of the box if desired to amplify the power.  Then pray or meditate with the box with the specific intentions you have for what is in the box (healing, love, support, guidance, forgiveness, etc...).  The box and the crystals will now resonate with that intention and continue to broadcast it even when you can't during your busy day.

You can add or remove anything from the box at any time, and there is no limit on how many things you can keep in the box.  Remember to pray/meditate with the box from time to time to keep the intention going strong and to recharge any crystals you have with your box.


How do I amplify the power of my prayer box?

While prayer boxes have no specific requirements, I find that their power can be greatly amplified in a few ways:

  • Place crystals or a crystal grid on top of the box.  These crystals will be able to absorb the power of your prayer intention, purify it, amplify it, and continually broadcast that energy.  You can use any crystals but I highly recommend including clear quartz as a powerful amplifier.  You can also harness the inherent power of different kinds of stones to add to the energy of your prayers.  Using rose quartz and it's vibration of pure, unconditional love is common with prayer boxes.  To see a list of common stones and their properties visit the Properties of Crystals & Stones page on this website. 

  • Keep some form of selenite in the box, close to the box, or as part of the grid to keep the stones charged and clear of negative energies.  For more information on selenite visit the Properties of Crystals & Stones page on this website. 

  • Use Heart shaped stones for a strong connection to your heart and the deep intentions and desires of your heart.  Your heart simply makes a stronger connection to stones polished in the shape of a heart.  Heart shaped stones also have an activating effect on the powerful extra ordinary meridians of the body.

  • Have at least some part of the box be made of wood.  Wood is an energy absorber and learns the energy that it is bathed in.  It will quickly learn what it is and how it can best do its job.  It will learn that it is a prayer box, as opposed to a cutting board or a chair.  It will absorb the energy of your prayers and assist in making itself a useful tool for your payers, even helping the crystals to know better what to do. Yes even dead wood is still alive energetically.

  • Removable lid.  If you are going to place crystals and stones on top of your box having a box with a removable lid, as opposed to a hinged lid, is extremely useful.  If you have a hinged lid, you'll have to remove the crystals each time you want to add or remove something from the box.  This gets annoying!  Having a lid you can just lift off makes it a lot easier to use the box.

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